• HounslowBusGarage posted an update 10 years, 12 months ago

    @steph @bascb Sorry everyone. This Forum is no longer what I want. It’s too much like social media which for personal and professional reasons I will not use. I was happy to post and participate in the old F1 Fanatic because it did not communicate with the email address I registered. The new one sends many more messages there and it’s not what I feel comfortable with.
    Note to Keith: I’m sure that this will go well for you but it’s just not what I want to get involved with. So I’m going to withdraw and won’t post here any more.
    Good luck!

    • A bit of a shame, as Steph writes. I also turned off most of the notification emails so I just get them in the notification bar on the site. And there’s no harm in not sending or accepting “friendship” (follow comments from someone) requests and keep using the site like you used to.

      I hope to see you posting once in a while anyway, as your posts were really interesting and to the point. If not, I hope you will enjoy reading the other comments and especially that it will not hamper your enjoyment of that great sport, F1!

    • Right from the beginning when I introduced the changes to the site I wanted to make sure people could limit the number of messages they received to their email address, and even turn them off completely if they wanted to.

      I purposefully did not introduce the changes until I was sure this was the case. And when I introduced the changes to everyone I made sure to point out that you could turn the notifications off (see:

      I wish you’d read that, or at least stayed around long enough to see the replies to this and realise that you could turn the notifications off and continue to use the site as you had previously.

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