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    G’Day Mates,
    Another Formula 1 pilgrimage in store for us.
    This time to Circuit Albert Park.
    For some reason I’ve always wanted to stay someplace close enough so
    one could just walk to a GP weekend.
    I guess all this stemming from the high degree of difficulty
    we encountered attempting to reach F1 Japan GP 2011.
    Booked for Mar 2017 at Park Regis Griffin, Melbourne South St Kilda rd. area.
    Don’t know which way would be better/ faster
    for us to reach grandstand Prost,
    gate 9, 10, or from tram stop 27 Lorne st / St Klida to someplace?
    Yeah I know, stupid question that I’ll hopefully find out after my day 1 there.
    Cheers to all,