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    @Andrew Minett We went to the Canadian GP last year with our daughter who was two years old at the time (and ended up having chicken pox when we were over there!) We did have to pay for her Grandstand Seat (GS33) and it was a full adult price that we had to pay. It was a bit of a waste of money as she ended up sitting on my lap asleep for most of qualifying and the race. You do need to buy a ticket as each time you enter the grandstand you will be checked that you have your tickets for everyone in your party, so I don’t think there is a way of getting around it. Little tip, if you haven’t bought your tickets yet then try and get some seats at the end of the row. When Charlotte got a bit restless it was easier sitting there so we didn’t annoy people with moving in and out of the row as there is not much space. I was quite conscience that she would kick the person sitting infront of her so she did sit on the steps at the edge of the grandstand at times. Everyone commented on how well she behaved she was, mostly because she was asleep during the race!

    There are plenty of people selling ice-cream and drinks next to the grandstand, and there are also lots of toilets incase your wee one needs a pit stop!

    Have a great time! We all had a brilliant weekend and my daughter still talks about waving her Scottish flag at the “fast cars” and shouting “Go Paul Go” although she really likes Lewis!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



    Hi Edgar,

    Great to hear that you are coming to the GP too! It’s going to be amazing!

    There is a good thread on where to sit at the circuit on the forum here:

    I was looking at GS22 but decided that all you would see is the cars accelerating past you from the hairpin. We wanted to see the cars breaking for a corner so we are in GS 33. This is where Vettel lost the lead to Button in the last lap of the 2011 race!

    You should look at You Tube and type in the grandstand number in the search field, that will probably help you decide. GS 31 looks very good and there is a long sweeping corner so you will see more of the cars rather than them whizzing past you. It’s quite a personal choice, but l hope this helps?

    Let us know which one you pick!


    F1antics, I am staying one street away from you at the Days Inn! Great location and we are within walking distance of the metro station. I booked the hotel through Quidco so we got 10% off, still very expensive. I need to read my Montreal tourist book to see what else there is to see / do.


    MRPiGoiL, I was going to book seats at the hairpin but I was put off from watching the You Tube videos. It seems to be quite busy and rowdy, which would have been ok in pre child days, but not now since DD is coming, so we are in GS 33. I would recommend if anyone is interested in going then look at the You Tube videos and type the grandstand number into the search field.

    I would have loved to sit at the Senna Curve, but it was quite pricey with three of us and I don’t know how long DD will sit still for so I had to do a coin toss! I was thinking of going GA but I heard that you have to be camped out early for a good spot, which isn’t going to happen and GS 33 seemed good value for money. I hope there will be some good action there for you to see and there are no trees blocking your view. I’m getting very excited about going already! Roll on June!


    Thanks MRPiGoiL for the info you provided on the grandstand seating, much appreciated! I’m really happy with the seats, I wouldn’t want to be too low as the fence will obstruct the view and any pictures that we take.

    F1antics, you will have an amazing time! Nothing beats seeing a GP live from the circuit, the atmosphere will be electric and seeing/hearing an F1 is one of the best experiences you will have. I find it a bit difficult at times to follow what is going on during the race when I am there compared to watching it on the TV, especially when the cars start to lap each other and the teams change strategy. There should be English commentary at the circuit, but you can’t really hear as the cars are so loud!

    Does anyone know if there are any food/drink/toilet facilities near the grandstand? The track guide on the official website isn’t that great although l am sure everything will be laid out in the official programme.

    I wonder if there will be anything going on in Montreal to mark the GP being on? I’ve ‘liked’ the Montreal tourist page on FB to see if there is anything official going on. I will let everyone know if something interesting pops up. There is a theme park called La Ronde which is next to the circuit and is supposed to be quite good, so I might go there at some point over the weekend! Any restaurant / tourist recommendations will be great too!


    Hi everyone! This is my first post here and what a great forum! I’ve been lurking as l was doing some research into going to the Canadian Grand Prix before booking anything and there is some great advice here. I’ve been to three GPs, Silverstone twice and the Spanish GP in 2006. All three were great races and l don’t think anything can compare to seeing and hearing the sound of a F1 car!

    We booked our tickets to the Canadian Grand Prix and l’m already very excited! We are sitting
    in Grandstand 33, row E, seats 1-3. I am assuming that we are sitting on the edge of the
    grandstand? I chose that grandstand as we can see the cars breaking for the corner so we’ll
    get a good view of them and the TV stand is close. I was looking at Grandstand 22 and 34 but
    it seems pretty busy there and we’ll have our daughter with us so l don’t want her to feel
    overwhelmed. I was thinking of just getting general admission tickets because we have a child
    but it would be really frustrating to travel all that way from Scotland and not get a decent place to
    view the track.

    I am still in shock about hotel prices, we paid £700 for three nights in the Days Inn!!! It’s close to the metro station that will take us to the circuit so very central but we had to drop a night
    due to the price. We are flying to Toronto for a wedding then going to Niagara Falls and we are
    driving from Niagara to Montreal!!! We are stopping overnight somewhere in the middle to break up the journey.

    Really looking forward to the GP! I hope it will be as exciting as in previous years!

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