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    Hi Guys,

    I am looking to book tickets for the Brazilian GP but tickets just seem insanely expensive, £600 plus.

    Is this really the case or am i missing something?


    • Patrick, my business affairs guy has a lot of experience in Brazil. He said D stand driver’s right at the apex of turn 1 is the best location, and yes, the prices have rise quite a lot since 2004. The locals sing and dance and drink all day he said. Unreserved covered seats, you need to get there at 7am….yes not a typo, 7am on raceday for the best seats to view at exit of the hill onto the main straight, pit lane, pit exit and the famous Senna curve. Hope this helps, AJ

      • Thanks Alan,

        That’s really useful, it does sound like a fantastic experience and would be my first GP out of Europe so I think I am going to persevere and find a way!

        The Senna Esses would be amazing,