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    Was just going to say, one penalty for any of those four would have been seriously harsh lol.


    I would love to have a reason to buy this. If we start something here I’ll gladly get involved.

    I will be a little cautious with this, though. Not jumping in straight away and pre-ordering like I did with Grid 2, which was one of the biggest let downs I’ve had in a game for quite some time. The handling was by no means ‘authentic’ in either of the previous Grids, but at least the first game’s approach to a realistic-ish single player and a thoroughly fun multiplayer made for a great experience.

    For some odd reason with Grid 2 they turned the series into a drifting game, with a cheesy career where you earn fans and all that tripe. Sounds like they have gone against that this time, but if there’s anything remotely similar involved then I won’t bother.

    Wish it would come to XB1 as well though.


    Drivers’ standings after rounds 11-12:

    1. D4Z4ARCH3R25, 115.5 points ADR (126.5 total)
    2. astevo1989, 115.5 points (115.5 total)
    3. McWoblin, 109 points (121 total)
    4. MadDogMolloy, 106 points (116 total)
    5. y2jisaok, 99 points (101 total)
    6. Lt Alfred, 60 points
    7. Jonboy507, 58.5 points
    8. VitreousChain06, 58 points (68 total)
    9. imidazoleNHC, 50.5 points
    10. markstrub20, 42 points

    Constructors’ standings:
    1. Double D Racing, 227.5 points
    2. McImidazoblin, 176.5 points
    3. AlLoy, 176 points
    4. ChainMark, 110 points
    5. Johnny Herbert, 58.5 points

    you will need to do credit totals as I don’t know who raced in what.

    I should be able to race tomorrow.


    I’ll be out again for today. With a bit of luck internet issues should be resolved in the next two weeks.

    Also, got a bit of a quiet period at uni after today MadDog, so if you want upload today’s results and I’ll do standings in the next couple of days.


    Sorry about lack of standings @maddogmolloy uni is just mental at the minute. Whenever I get time off I can’t be bothered lol.

    Fair enough about the added DSQs as well. Tricky to decide as they can be given out for multiple penalties, but you would never see how many.

    I’m also a maybe for tonight. Of the two broadband lines we have at home, one keeps going down on weekdays (sounds dodgy to me but what do I know?) and no matter what I try, I always end up with a NAT problem if I move the 360 over to the other line. I love BT.


    My router keeps rebooting itself so won’t be able to join for race two.


    Drivers standings
    Drivers round 3

    Apologies for the timing but I’ve been quite busy last few days. Teams standings still need quite a bit of work so they will have to come later.


    Not sure why you can’t edit posts any more but I was wrong about the penalty point. Chain actually gets a three-credit reduction if he gets another penalty.


    Quick standings update. Will have the proper table shortly

    1. McWoblin, 31 points ADR (43 total)
    2. astevo1989, 29 points ADR (29 total)
    3. Lt Alfred, 27.5 points ADR (27.5 total)
    4. Jonboy507, 25.5 points ADR (43.5 total)
    5. D4Z4ARCH3R25, 23 points ADR (34 total)
    6. MadDogMolloy, 22.5 points ADR (38 total)
    7. y2jisaok, 21 points ADR (23 total)
    8. imidazoleNHC, 15.5 points ADR (15.5 total)
    9. VitreousChain06, 13 points ADR (23 total)
    10. markstrub20, 12 points ADR (12 total)

    Team standings will come later.

    Penalty count:
    VitreousChain06 – 2
    markstrub20, MadDogMolloy, D4Z4ARCH3R25 – 1

    Assuming we are sticking to the penalty rules MadDog, VitreousChain06 is one penalty away from missing the next race.


    I will immediately vote in favour of picking the track first, for one reason:

    The changes that were made for this season were designed to produce more unpredictability in the series, which is fine. However, for me the main appeal of the credits system was, as well as ensuring other guys get a chance at the front sometimes, that there was still an element of strategy and tactics involved. By picking the cars before the track, that strategy is significantly reduced to the point where the championship becomes based more on luck – or at least that’s the way I see it.

    I just don’t want to see us go too far down the unpredictability route. This credits idea is superb, but I thought the idea was always to pick cars that suit our track preferences. Whilst I agree that there is potential for someone to get their favourite track and dive straight in a Red Bull, @MadDogMolloy you have actually worked out the number of credits for each person perfectly.

    I can’t remember if Abu Dhabi is available this season or not, but say it is and it came up this Monday (it’s my favourite circuit to drive on). If I chose to go in a Red Bull, I would be left with 16 credits over 8 events. I anticipate that I might miss a couple of events as well so that could leave me with something like 13 credits for 6 races. I would never be able to go higher than a Sauber/Force India after that.

    The other point to make is that the chances of there being a Red Bull available for me to pick at Abu Dhabi, after everyone else has chosen a car, are pretty poor.

    Other than the order of track/car selection, the new system is great. Can’t really fault it.

    But there is one thing I was thinking about yesterday. What happens if I have say 5 credits left with two events remaining, but I know I am missing the last one? Assuming that last one becomes a dropped round, what happens if I was to splash the cash/credits on a Red Bull for that penultimate event, and be left with no credits, but still with a -1 deduction to come for missing the last races? I might be missing something here but that sounds like a bit of a loophole to me.



    1. astevo1989 [Sauber], 39:19.036
    2. Jonboy507 [Sauber], +26.381 secs
    3. Lt Alfred [Ferrari], +28.063 secs
    4. markstrub20 [McLaren], +54.567 secs (10 SEC PEN)
    5. MadDogMolloy [Lotus], +1 min 1.569 secs (10 SEC PEN)
    6. D4Z4ARCH3R25 [Toro Rosso], +1 min 19.592 secs
    7. McWoblin [Mercedes], +1 lap
    8. VitreousChain06 [Red Bull], +1 lap (10 SEC PEN)
    9. y2jisaok [Lotus], +2 laps
    DNF. imidazoleNHC [Red Bull]

    1. Lt Alfred [Ferrari], 7:16.382
    2. VitreousChain06 [Red Bull], +1.185 secs
    3. Jonboy507 [Sauber], +1.789 secs
    4. McWoblin [Mercedes], +5.349 secs
    5. MadDogMolloy [Lotus], +7.254 secs
    6. astevo1989 [Sauber], +13.600 secs
    7. D4Z4ARCH3R25 [Toro Rosso], +32.923 secs
    DSQ. markstrub20 [McLaren]
    DSQ. y2jisaok [Lotus]


    I will be coming on at about bang on half 8 so apologies in advance if I’m slightly late.


    @lemon Brilliant.


    Other than my abysmal ‘McLemon’ I can’t think of anything.


    @maddogmolloy When you say a driver’s lowest points haul from a single event will be dropped, I assume that means each person’s lowest feature + sprint total.

    Also really liking the whole credits thing now. Adds an extra bit of strategy to it, but without knowing exactly which car you’ll be going for weeks in advance. Do you pace yourself and save the credits for later, or stick to the quicker teams early on an get ahead?

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