• Indeed folks! Unfortunately I’m not going now but I can’t wait to hear back from you all and i’ll be paying particular attention to stories of campsite and transport in preparation for 2013!

      Have fun :)

    • @KeithCollantine I would like to tell you shortly about my experience in return for your nice wishes :)

      This was my second time at Spa and I enjoyed the event even more than I did a year ago. The weather was terrific and I managed to avoid all the traffic jams this time. It’s noticeable how quickly the time passed by, the seven hours that I spent at the circuit on Sunday felt like twenty minutes.

      Once again I could not resist buying a couple of Caterham fan articles, despite the high prices. I also bought a Schumacher cap for my father.

      I decided not to rent FanVision this time and used F1 Fanatic live twitter feed on my phone to follow the action instead. I didn’t really lose anything and could thus enjoy the atmosphere better instead of studying lap times and gaps, which is something you can do at home.

      The GP2 sprint race was unforgettable. I am not able to watch GP2 on TV at home so it was a great way to learn more about the series, its teams and drivers. It was a typically cool September morning and I loved how the smells of petrol and fresh air went together. There was a lot of intense action, some overtaking and a couple of spins right in front of my eyes.

      Like last year, I sat in the Gold 6 grandstands at the last corner, where one could see a lot of entertaining stuff during the F1 race, too. I was sad to see Kovalainen spin there but there was a lot of joy, too. The crowd went crazy as Vettel tried to overtake Schumacher, who came into the pits in the middle of the manoeuvre.

      In my view, the interviews on the podium didn’t make any sense as I couldn’t understand a word despite standing almost right below the podium.

      The food seemed to have improved since 2011. I ate a kebab that was very tasty. But I would still recommend you to bring your own food as well as it’s really expensive on-site, for instance, a little slice of pizza costs 6 Euros.

      While wandering through the circuit area, I somehow started to wonder if we, the diehard F1 fans, are really sane. We are ready to travel thousands of kilometres, walk long distances, tolerate any weather and spend vast amounts of money just to get closer to the sport, and it’s not like you get particular comfort or get to hug your favourite driver after all the effort.

      But I really loved the atmosphere created by the passionate, yet intelligent fellow fans from all over the world. There is still no better place for me in the world to be than an F1 race.

      • Ah glad to hear the live Tweets were useful! Spa is such a cool place to watch them racing, there seem to be quite a few people on here now who make an annual trip of it.

        And yeah, I know what you mean about needing to be a little bit bonkers to be an F1 fan! Particularly if you were there in the rain on Friday.

    • Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t had much time to be on F1Fanatic lately unfortunately. Have been to 5 GPs this year now which is just extraordinary, I’m very lucky to have done so!