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    Bid for Brock Kidd – 1m


    Also I got some things wrong.

    Albon will move to DAMS and Aitken will be at ART


    Oh i forgot MP Motorsport. I heard Kemi Labiberte is supposed to be doing F2 this year, so he may take a MP seat


    At the moment I can see something like this happening

    Prema – De Vries and Gelael
    ART – Russell and Albon
    DAMS – Latifi and Aitken
    Carlin – Norris and Zhou
    Trident – Fuocco and Alesi
    Racing Engineering – Sette Camara and Boschung
    Fortec – Celis Jr and Van Kalmthout
    Charouz – Fittipaldi and Menchana
    Campos – Palou and Hyman
    Arden – Fukuzumi and Makino
    Trident – Ferucci and Jeffri


    1. Hamilton – Wasn’t at his best in the first half of the season, but my god he was at it in the second half. I believe Mercedes was the second-best car over the year, but he made it look as dominant as the previous years cars with some stunning performances.
    2. Verstappen – Don’t let the points table distract you from one of the best performers over the season. Despite his poor reliability, Max has soldiered one and has comprehensively beaten a top quality driver in the form of Ricciardo. He impressed with his qualifying pace and made the most of his opportunities when his car could see the flag.
    3. Alonso – Again had a pig of a car at McLaren, but has generally maximised his result. Some of his qualifying laps, especially at Catalunya, were fantastic. However at times like Spa he seemed more like he was trying to prove a point about Honda’s engine rather than focusing on scoring a strong finish.
    4. Vettel – What could have been a fifth world title for Vettel ended in disappointment. He was on it in the first half of the season with a very fast Ferrari underneath him, but two crucial mistakes in Baku and Singapore and poor reliability undid his charge. You have to wonder if Hamilton was in the Ferrari, would have had a better shot at winning the title than Vettel.
    5. Ricciardo – Having been the rising start of the last few seasons, Ricciardo was outshone by his younger teammate in all areas this year. His renowned qualifying pace was gone and most of his podiums were due to luck. I am still impressed with his overtaking skill and his ability to take opportunities as they come.
    6. Perez – A few blips in the moment discounted, it has been another excellent year for Perez. A mess of a race in Spa might cloud people’s judgement over his year, but generally he has beaten Ocon most times to the flag and picked up some very big points hauls.
    7. Hulkenberg – Hulkenberg might have been known as unlucky at his time at Force India, but this year brought unlucky to a whole new level for him. He crushed the opposition of Palmer when they were teammates, but has been put under pressure from Sainz. Lot of bad luck means the points aren’t representative again, but he has made a few sloppy races here and there.
    8. Bottas – I think Bottas’ year is quite underrated by some, since he generally had an excellent first half of the season. He was as good as Rosberg, not at Hamilton’s pace but making the most of his chances to bag two wins. However in the second half he has simply been awful and nowhere near Lewis with large margins in both qualifying and the race. He must pick his game up if he wants a seat in 2019.
    9. Ocon – A generally excellent year considering his experience for Ocon. He was a rookie for the first half of the year, and that showed as he was pretty much never ahead of Perez. In the second half he has gained the edge in both qualifying and the races but still will end the year behind. His consistency has been excellent considering how young he is, and big things are expected for next season.
    10. Raikkonen – Another scrappy season for Kimi, he has shown pace here and there but not taking a victory in an outstanding car like the Ferrari must be a disaster. This in my opinion could be his best year in his second Ferrari stint, but all that says is how woeful his previous season here have been.
    11. Sainz – Fast but wild must be a good summary of Sainz at the moment. On his day he can be outstanding, but it seems he rotates from being at Verstappen level to finding himself in the barriers the next weekend. His mistakes in Bahrain and Canada were notably clumsy, but if he can refine his craft so that his pace is overshadowing the mistakes, he will soon find himself as the lead Renault driver.
    12. Massa – Felipe has generally performed very well compared to expectations this year. He has absolutely crushed Stroll, which sadly for him isn’t reflected in the points due to some horrific luck. However it is hard to tell whether his performances are being flattered by Stroll or not.
    13. Vandoorne – Vandoorne has easily been the most improved driver this season. A combination of factors, with an uncompetitive car, lack of track time and poor reliability made his performance in the first half of the year compared to expectations a disaster. Since Silverstone he has stepped up a gear and is very close to Alonso.
    14. Grosjean – On his day he can be very good, as shown in Australia and Austria, but most of the time he is struggling with his brakes, causing collisions and moaning about something. Steiner’s ‘shut up’ remark said it all – even his own team his fed up with him.
    15. Magnussen – He is certainly the most exciting driver in the field, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Struggles in qualifying have lead him starting below where he should be, and whilst he can produce some ballsy overtakes, a lot of the time it instead leads to dirty driving at the cost of himself and his rivals.
    16. Wehrlein – Other than his points driver to a fantastic eighth in Barcelona, Wehrlein has to be the most disappointing driver of the season. He showed some fantastic potential to build on at Manor last year, but he hasn’t impressed much at Sauber and seems to be heading out of F1. He was expected to beat Ericsson considerably – which he has failed to do.
    17. Ericsson – Been much closer to Wehrlein than we expected, but still makes rookie mistakes here and there. Seems like money has given him a shot at this fifth season in the sport, where he must prove himself.
    18. Kvyat – It really seemed at times this year that Kvyat had regained the form he had seemed to lose in 2016, but overall it has been much the same as last year. A reckless couple of races mid-season, including wiping out his teammates was the low and a crash in Singapore sealed his exit.
    19. Gasly – Only had four races to prove himself, and he hasn’t seen the world alight, but hasn’t made many mistakes and has finished all the races. Next season will be a real test of his abilities with a guaranteed challenge in the form of a Honda Engine.
    20. Hartley – Not really impressed me too much so far but we have to remember he is only now returning to single seater so to outqualify Gasly has been an achievement. His race pace in USA against the proven Kvyat shows he has potential to build on, but has been desperately unlucky.
    21. Stroll – Wow, we all expected him to crash out of every race this year, so in that regard he has proved us wrong. However he has been slower than we all could have expected. Generally a second off Massa’s pace, his season was saved by a lucky podium in Baku and one-off fantastic wet qualifying in Monza. His dad’s money can buy him time to prove himself, but his prospects look bleak at the moment.
    22. Palmer – Jolyon was a nice chap, but he really didn’t have what it takes to be in Formula One yet alone in a works Renault outfit. Was shown up by Hulkenberg this year, with the new more demanding cars seemingly exposing his true ability.



    Vandoorne hasn’t been anywhere close to Alonso or done anything impressive so far this season. In the first few races he was 0.6-1.1 slower than Alonso which is much worse than Massa, Raikkonen or Button did. In Russia he picked up a penalty, in Spain he crashed into Massa and picked up another penalty and in Monaco he crashed on Saturday and Sunday, Canada was off the pace and finished behind a Sauber, Baku finished behind both Saubers and flatspotted his tyres ruining his race, penalty in Austria for not obeying blue flags and made that mistake in Hungary where P7 should have been his. Kvyat has done a few good races earlier in the season and has been regulary close to Sainz who is P8 on your list, and he’s had the same amount of accidents as Vandoorne has.

    What’s more confusing is how on earth you’ve come to the conclusion that Ocon is better than Perez this season when he’s being outqualified 2-9 and outraced 2-8 and same with Bottas and Hamilton.


    1. Vettel – After a tough 2016, he has bounced back in the perfect fashion. To be leading the championship by 14 points in a car probably slower than the Mercedes deserves all the praise, with four race wins to his name. His consistency has been remarkable, the only race where he’s not been on it is Silverstone. Of course we can’t forget that Baku incident, but considering the rest of the year he drove it’s fair to leave him on top.

    2. Alonso – Alonso has been hard to place this season, simply due to his lack of racing laps completed. He seems to keep putting that McLaren in the best possible position each weekend and is making Vandoorne look like an amateur. His incredible seventh on the grid in Barcelona or his fastest lap in Hungary shows this guy’s outstanding talent, only if he could have a better car.

    3. Verstappen – Max has made a big step up from 2016 driving wise, but hasn’t got the luck to match. Currently outqualifying ‘the qualifying master’ Ricciardo 7-4, shows his upturn in form, considering last year at this stage he had been outqualified 7-1. Without his dreadful luck surely would have been having a lot more points this season. His agressive driving style cost him in Budapest and perhaps in Spain, but with little chances for Red Bull, taking risks on lap one is a must.

    4. Hamilton – Hamilton when he is on it, he is on it. He is definitely over a single lap the most impressive driver this season, with sensational pole laps in Canada and Silverstone. However a couple of disastrous weekends in Russia and Monaco place him not in the lead but in fourth. Hamilton overall counting bad luck deserves the championship lead, but the Mercedes has had the slight pace advantage. He has ended the first half of the year on a very strong note, and is clearly the title favourite.

    5. Bottas – Behind the top four there is a big step back. Bottas had a difficult start, but has adjusted well to his new team and is looking as close to Hamilton as Rosberg was. He still lacks that killer instinct and is very clumsy on lap one, due to his cautiously early braking, taking out Raikkonen in two events. However two race wins on merit, and having outqualified Hamilton five times, show Bottas has done an excellent job so far.

    6. Perez – Perez has been very consistent thus far, scoring points in nine races. His high must be his superb race in Bahrain to finish seventh from eighteenth on the grid, and deserved a podium at the frenetic Baku race. Has Ocon very close behind, yet seems to extract those vital tenths to be consistently beating him.

    7. Ricciardo – Five podiums and a win speak highly of Ricciardo’s year, but let’s not forget his dodgy start. Two qualifying crashes have been the most of any driver, and usually Max has outperformed him. However he drove an outstanding race at Austria to finish on the podium, and while luck may have helped him, he has done a good job.

    8. Hulkenberg – Has been outstanding in qualifying, along with Hamilton the best qualifier on the grid this season. Not replicated the same on race day however, with a few off weekends here and there. Has demolished Palmer and is surely growing in confidence in an improving Renault machine.

    9. Ocon – For his lack of experience, Ocon has done a remarkably good job. He has stayed very very close to Perez all season and has finished every race and scored point in ten races. He made a costly mistake in Baku, but other than he is been the surprise of the season for his strong results.

    10. Raikkonen – Kimi rather than his 2016 form seems to have reverted back to his 2015 style. He clearly struggled in the first nine events of the season, with it seemingly likely then he would be replaced. However in the last two races he has really been on it, and seems very close with Vettel then. He seems to have secured a contract for next year with this form.

    11. Sainz
    12. Massa
    13. Grosjean
    14. Raikkonen
    15. Magnussen
    16. Ericsson
    17. Kvyat
    18. Vandoorne
    19. Stroll
    20. Palmer

    I rate based on performance of what there bringing out of the car, not based on experience or whatever


    I think it will be quite a boring silly season from now on, not much change.

    Mercedes: Hamilton and Bottas
    Ferrari: Vettel and Raikkonen (Sadly yet another year, apparently heard Perez is out of the running and Grosjean is staying at Haas, only option is Leclerc)
    Red Bull: Verstappen and Raikkonen
    Force India: Ocon and Auer (DTM contender who has a test with FI, main sponsor is BWT, who are set to buy out a major share at FI)
    Renault: Perez and Hulkenberg (Best option for Perez, good replacement for Palmer)
    Williams: Massa and Stroll
    Haas: Magnussen and Grosjean (Both confirmed yesterday)
    Toro Rosso: Sainz and Kvyat (Hope Kvyat goes but unlikely)
    McLaren: Alonso and Vandoorne (Stay with Honda, Alonso has no other options)
    Sauber: Ericsson and Wehrlein (Matsushita not enough superlicense points, no other seats for Wehrlein)


    Einarson what a drive, second place on debut. I was thinking of giving up on developmen for the rest of the season after losing Ellington but I may have to reconsider. Fantastic race for Nakumaya to score a good haul of points too in tenth. Congratulations @redmist for the win


    My list

    1. Hamilton
    2. Alonso
    3. Vettel
    4. Verstappen
    5. Perez
    6. Hulkenberg
    7. Ricciardo
    8. Bottas
    9. Ocon
    10. Sainz
    11. Wehrlein
    12. Raikkonen
    13. Massa
    14. Kvyat
    15. Grosjean
    16. Vandoorne
    17. Ericsson
    18. Magnussen
    19. Stroll
    20. Palmer

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