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    Total support to NASCAR owners which will fire drivers that disrespect our flag, veterans and country. In F1, Lewis Hamilton has announce that he is thinking about kneeling during the national anthem at COTA in Austin later this month.
    First, I want to start that this is not his country, he is a mere visitor and if he can’t respect our flag and values he should be expelled from that USA and never allowed back in. Yes!!! I’m saying not able to race in the US.
    Also, Toto Wolf and Nicki Lauda does not own the team but they manage it. I’m sure that this will be an other example of lack of leadership on Toto.
    And last, since Liberty Media is an American company, hope they enforce respect for our flag and veterans.
    Does LH realize that he is coming to Texas, a highly nationalistic state where majority of people wants respect for their country?