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    I was at the race in 2012 and had a (first row!) seat at Eau-Rouge. I sat there during the F1 sessions, but a tip for you all would be to visit the bus-stop chicane and watch the support races there, especially GP2. The stopping power and glowing brakes are one of the most impressive aspects of those cars. Well worth your time. Have fun guys! :)


    Raikkonen on Bottas and Nasr wins it for me.


    Reading up on the technical challenges that await the teams, and the constant rumours about which team will improve the most and which team will be in trouble. All for the ranking order to be re-shuffeled in testing, and then re-shuffeled again before the first GP. I just love reading technical analyses about F1, even though some part is pure speculation. Also I really enjoy watching the Dakar rally.


    Bit supriced so many people dislike the game. I for one really like it. I bought it without any expectations, I knew F1 2010/12 were glitchy, but gave 2014 a go anyway. I play on PC with steering wheel, and once I got the settings right it was great. The cars actually respond really well, giving understeer, oversteer etc at all the right moments. You can actually really gain time in Singapore by driving aggressively, although my concentration usually fails after some laps :) Also SPA and the US Grand Prix are alot of fun. Just really nice tracks to play. Most of the time I just quit qualifying and start the race from the back, and then try to race to the front. Once while overtaking people at turn 1 at the US GP, suddenly and Force India and a Lotus tangeled in front of me, making me T-bone the Force India, and ruining my race. I thought it was quite funny and a nice touch to the game. Overall I quite like it, and think it’s worth the money if you’re into F1 games. Don’t expect it to be some kind of a simulator and have some fun!


    1. Ricciardo (simply stunning season. Was always there right behind the Mercs/Williams to pick up the points when possible)
    2. Hamilton (Great season. Great race pace. Outqualified.)
    3. Bottas (Extremely reliable driver. Always up there in the top5. Couple of podiums)
    4. Rosberg (Showed his speed. Needs to build on his race craft and pace)
    5. Alonso (Actually not what ive come to expect from him. Still great season, but nothing like 2012..)
    6. Button (Sedeemed himself in the 2nd half of the season)
    7. Kvyat (Showed extreme speed in qualifying. Needs more time and experience)
    8. Vettel (1st half of the season was a write off. Still had good performances though. Needs new motivation)
    9. Massa (like Button, redeemed himself in the 2nd half with some great performances. Showed good speed all season)
    10. Hulkenberg (Reliable driver. Not as many “wow” drives as last year)
    11. Perez (showed good speed. Needs to be more consistent)
    12. Bianchi
    13. Magnussen
    14. Grosjean
    15. Vergne
    16. Raikkonen
    17. Sutil
    18. Maldonado
    19. Kobayashi
    20. Guttierez
    21. Lotterer
    22. Stevens
    23. Chilton
    24. Ericsson


    @Rodney, I’m not surprised, and I certainly understand it. Yet when it comes to F1fanatic people always deny any bais towards British drivers. Anyway, it certainly doesn’t stop annoying me. Therefor the wish for Hamilton not to win the WDC. But like I said, logically I do think he deserves it.


    Somehow i hope Nico wins, purely so Crofty and co. stop talking about how great Hamilton is all the time. Im not from the UK myself, but usually watch Sky UK, and it really disturbs me. Other than that, I have no real preference, and actually think Hamilton deserves it more than Rosberg, purely based on performance over the season.


    Great great news!


    I pretty much made my mind up after the first Bahrain test that Redbull wouldn’t win a Championship this year. And although they have made massive improvements, i still don’t think they will. I also think Lotus in it’s current form will not be on the grid in 2015.


    @Iestyn: Found it, Youtube
    I must say Webber is an exemplary driver. Sub 5% body-fat, well there is nothing more he can do. But as Webber mentions, not all of the current F1 drivers are that fit. I can very well imagine Sutil being way up in bodyfat compared to MW and JB. To me Webber shows that it’s doable to be successful and tall.


    Maybe i’m a bit harsh now, but in my opinion drivers should just get on with it. Obviously it’s not fair, because of the height differences on the grid. But these are highly paid athletes. Just like a swimmer has ultra low body fat at the Olympics, a driver has the be slim for a Grand Prix. And since all drivers finish the race, it’s not too much of a problem yet. The smart ones like Rosberg go round eating potatoes before the race, it’s part of their job. What’s worst is that they need to face the media immediately after the race. They should get some time to recover first. But obviously, that can’t be done in show-biz, cause TV is live…


    …After shopping groceries, packing down the stuff you bought into a paper bag, carefully placing things to achieve the lowest possible CoG, then carefully lifting the bag keeping upward acceleration low, trying not to rip off the handles.


    Im amazed some still expect Redbull (Vettel) making the top5. In my view, they stand no chance, and are probably worse of now, than Mclaren was last year, and Ferrari the year before.

    1st – Nico Rosberg
    2nd – Lewis Hamilton
    3rd – Kevin Magnusses
    4th – Nico Hulkenberg
    5th – Jenson Button
    6th – Valterri Bottas
    7th – Fernando Alonso
    8th – Felipe Massa
    9th – Kimi Raikkonen
    10th – Sergio Perez
    11th – Sebastian Vettel
    12th – Romain Grosjean
    13th – Daniel Ricciardo
    14th – Adrian Sutil
    15th – Pastor Maldonado
    16th – Esteban Gutierrez
    17th – Daniil Kvyat
    18th – Jules Bianchi
    19th – Max Chilton
    20th – Jean-Eric Vergne
    21st – Kamui Kobayashi
    22nd – Marcus Ericsson


    That looks like great fun, thanks for the video!


    Thanks for the link!

    Some funny numbers.. Maldonado #13, meaning the bad luck for those he crashes into. Also noticed Sutil taking #99. Vettel taking #5.

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