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    Of all the rumours, the only one which make sense to me, is Hamilton to Mclaren.
    That makes Vettel to Mercedes a viable option, and Kvyat to Red Bull a logical choice.
    That leaves room for Sainz at Torro Rosso.


    Did not tape it, but will get you a screenshot in a couple of days, when it’s rescheduled :o)
    Did it say Enigma too as source? might have, not sure..have you made a such a chart?


    @andae23 You made a chart showing who’s going where? Just shown on Danish television..


    Seems Maldonado is set for Lotus, Bouillier backing out of his talks of Hulkenberg.
    Massa going to Williams and Perez did enough to retain his seat. But if Mclaren keeps Perez based on last race and not the whole season, thats how Massa survived at Ferrari, get Magnussen in!


    Nice to see Da Costa back in the game, and Magnussen in control.


    Almost everyone has Antonio Felix da Costa as future F1 driver, He is talented, but in the light of his current 3.5 season?


    Magnussen is so great. Future F1 champ for sure
    I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to that conclusion. He’s quick, sure, and he’s running away with it when everyone expected Antonio Felix da Costa to be the man to beat, but it has been well-documented that Formula 1 is at an entirely new level.

    I think the most that can be said of any driver who experiences Magnussen’s level of success is that he is ready for Formula 1 – but predicting that he will be World Champion is taking things a little too far.

    A general assumption or just a view on Magnussen?
    He has a problem, no big sponsors and from Denmark, not a big homecrowd to buy the merchandise, and generally, not a big motorsports nation.
    But still, all the talk about Vandoorne and in particular Da Costa in F1 this year, is it talent, sponsors or possible merchandise sales that does it?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)