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    20) Kubica: Unfortunately not the return he wanted, but at lesst he made his comeback
    19) Grosjean: For his experience, it is pretty bad to see him doing all those mistakes
    18) Giovinazzi: Easily outpaced by Kimi, but midways he started picking up a bit the pace
    17)Stroll: His qualy really hurts him, as in race trip he is pretty decent. The qualy record is atrocious though
    16)Russell: Difficult to rank George higher, since the car is really bad.
    15)Gasly: He would have been much lower, if he didnt have the “excuse” of being in a big team with a clear No2 status. Awful season
    14)Perez: Nothing impressive by Perez, pretty average season and he is outscored by Stroll despite being 12-0 in qualifying
    13)Magnussen: Collected some points when the Haas car was fine but then he disappeared in Sundays, when Haas faced its tyre issues. Him and Grosjean started crashing between themselves, so not ideal.
    12)Hulkenberg: He is doing a solid job against Ricciardo, by he still failed to deliver when it really counted. Nico was a bit soft in his overtakes as well, but solid performances by him
    11)Riccardo: expected more from Ricciardo, but with the exception of 3 races(Monaco-France), he was lost in the midfield battles.
    10)Albon: The positive surprise of the season. He is proving to be really quick, and he only lacks some experience, which is pretty logic to understand(for instance in Germany). He seems to be the quicker of the pair, but Kvyat is having more experience.
    9)Kvyat: He returned much more mature and happy, and he made it stick when it counted (Hockenheimring). He has stayed out of trouble with one exception and as it seems the time away the sport did him wonders.
    8)Norris: Lando is proving to be extremely quick and has been unlucky not to earn more points. Some signs of inexperience made its appearance, which is absolutely normal, so thays why he is in P8
    7)Raikkonen: Kimi is relaxed, with a car designed around him, in an environment which he knows, so he performs really well this season
    6)Vettel: He did mistakes, but most importantly he was outpaced by Leclerc with big margins in many circumstances.
    5)Leclerc: He has been the faster of the Ferrari pair, but he made many mistakes as well. In my eyes, both Ferrari drivers will reduce their mistakes when the team is run by a stable and decisive management…
    4)Sainz:Ms consistency, he makes it stick whenever there is an opportunity.
    3)Bottas:He has upper his game this season and has been much consistent. He is giving Hamilton troubles in circuits where Hamilton is really dominant(Silverstone, Hungary), in qualifying terms. As in his Williams years, his race pace isn’t that strong, but he was unlucky to lose points in the fight with Hamilton (Monaco, Hungary)
    2)Verstappen: There aren’t any big differences between Verstappen and Hamilton, but Verstappen has to settle with the second place, as RBR is pretty much an one man show and he hasnt any internal competition
    1)Hamilton: On his way to his sixth championship, he is on good form throughout the season.


    Non classified:DIR,GIO,BUT,HAR,GAS



    10.Perez:Stable points scorer,but he has been lucky in many occasions & has a bad attitude towards his teammate
    9.Raikkonen:Nothing impressive/special by Kimi
    8.Verstappen:Super unlucky & generally faster than Ricciardo till Baku,but he still needs improvement in his general attidute
    7.Ricciardo:Lucky in some occasions,but very stable & has managed to split Mercedes&Ferrari in the standings
    6.Ocon:We can consider him as rookie(he raced from Spa onwoards last season)he has been amazingly stable, super close to Perez & has great potential!
    5.Alonso:When the engine lasted he performed.He is the usual Alonso!
    4.Hulkenberg:The “midfiled warrior” of 2017!He has trashed Palmer & has been a super qualifier!
    3.Hamilton:He has some weekends where he is nowhere to be seen(Sochi,Monaco) & Bottas has helped him more that enough so far.
    2.Bottas: Came late to Mercedes,solid qualified,he needs to be more agressive at the first laps(see Spain & Baku for instance)
    1.Vettel:The best driver in overall.With the exception of Baku,he has a perfect season so far.


    Mercedes: Hamilton-Bottas
    Ferrari: Vettel-Raikkonen
    Red Bull: Ricciardo-Verstappen
    Force India(One): Wehrlein-Ocon
    Williams: Massa-Stroll
    Haas: Grosjean-Magnussen
    Renault: Hulkenberg-Perez
    Toro Rosso: Kvyat-Sainz
    McLaren: Vandoorne-Alonso
    Sauber: Leclerc-Govinazzi


    1)Ricciardo vs Bottas
    2)Verstappen vs Rosberg Brazil
    3)Verstappen vs Rosberg Silverstone
    4)Vettel at Hulk&Sainz
    5)Kimi at Nasr rally style!!!
    6)Hulk vs Bottas (see ya later!)


    Alonso:Button or Sainz Jr

    Perez:Wehrlein,Celis(if he has the license).

    Bottas:Normally,Nasr,Wehrlein,Di Resta,but i would bet on a return of a familiar face(Massa!).

    Wehrlein:Nasr,Gutierrrez,Maldonado(yes Pastor)

    Sainz:Pierre Gasly


    23.Esteban Gutierrez:Zero points(some lost changes not his fault though),awful obeying blue flags,caused many crashes…

    22.Rio Haryanto:Not that awful as many expected,he brought F1 in Indonesia,but nothing more.

    21.Esteban Ocon:He didn’t impress at all,despite having a small F1 experience.His only positive memory was Brazil.

    20.Felipe Nasr:He had been off pace all season long,but his awesome drive in Brazil helped Sauber overtake Manor.I want to see him in 2017 though

    19.Daniil Kvyat:Bad season,nothing to remember.Hopefully this winter will help him!

    18.Jolyon Palmer:Another pay driver,he showed good pace in a couple of races(Hungary,Malaysia),but nothing serious…

    17.Marcus Ericsson:Big improved this year,but still accident prone and he broke the “golden rule” of not crashing into your teammate.

    16.Kevin Magnussen:Only Russia & his Eau Rouge crash can be remembered.Lets see him in Haas next year.

    15.Jenson Button:Nothing at all,only his qualy efford at Austria is to remembered.#Thank you JB

    14.Felipe Massa:Started really well,his bad luck(Canada,Germany,Austria,Malaysia) though didn’t help him.#ObrigadoFelipe

    13.Sebastian Vettel:His constant anger was really apalling…Unlucky in Bahrain,where he could fight for the win,many bad calls by Ferrari.A season to forget…

    12.Nico Hulkenberg:For another season,no podiums.He was unlucky in some occasions,but he was awful in Austria,and invisible in other races.Lets watch him in a factory team next year

    11.Romain Grosjean:The most annoying…He probably thought he raced for Mercedes…Great first half though

    10.Valtteri Bottas:Average season in this Williams,he got the podium(lucky a bit).One canditate for Mercedes!

    9.Pascal Wehrlein:Points and regular Q2 apprearances in a Manor.

    8.Kimi Raikkonen:A good season for Kimi.Nothing spectacular,but a solid job

    7.Carlos Sainz:Great effords with the worst engine on the grid!

    6.Fernando Alonso:The old Alonso…

    5.Sergio Perez:Really impressive driving.Although his last 4-5 races were average,his season was really successful

    4.Lewis Hamilton:Less focused,treacherous starts/getaways,bad reliability.

    3.Nico Rosberg:Stable,less mechanical issues.Spain,Austria &Germany momemts to be forgotten…

    2.Daniel Ricciardo:Raised his driving level after Verstappen’s arrival.A great personality,I put him in P2 as he was nowhere in some races

    1.Max Verstappen:I didn’t like his defensive moves at all,but his driving in some races was outstanding!He need to stay humble though.

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