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    Here is a personal report, hoping it helps others. I had read all I could find on Google about the Monza trip, prior to go…

    I have attended the Monza race this year. I must say it was very exciting. Although, I had no access to pits or track, so can’t tell much about the cars, drivers, teams and so on.
    I had previously attended all races that took place in Estoril, meaning 12 races in total. But that was ages ago (1984-1996). Never attended any other F1 races at all.
    Having been granted a General Access Pass for Monza, I decided to go there. First of all, I must say I was rather disappointed with the organization. It used to be much better when I attended local races.
    It is up to you to choose the worst, among inexistent (although announced) buses from the race track to Monza town (had to take cabs, which were rare and expensive) where we were located, the lots of mud everywhere (it would be solved early in the morning here), long queues to WCs or food/drink, not to mention the actual entrance and exit, well I really cannot hide the disappointment. In addition, local people, including stewards, rarely spoke a language other than Italian (only youngsters understood a little English). But everyone was really nice and helpful. I got the impression organizers think people will come back, so why improve? In fact, I met people from almost everywhere, most being first timers to Monza…
    On Friday there was no real access control, so we could access the seated standings near the first chicane. It rained a little, but it was overall fine. Small detail, the giant screens were too far, becoming almost invisible. Another detail, numbers in cars remain too small. Another detail, one of the most exciting moments was Jody Scheckter driving his 1979 car, which happened also in the other days.
    On Saturday, although the pessimist forecast, the weather was great (but the ground was muddy), so we could stand in the grass close to previous stands (but not actually there), after the same first chicane (prior to Curva Grande). Screens were even farther, so information was scarce, but the ambiance was superb. As we were not allowed to access seated places, and there was effective control, I decided to buy (very expensive) tickets for Sunday. I opted for the same first chicane, but on the inside side of the track, where the old circuit begins to turn West.
    The giant screens were again too far, but, being a race, the handicap was not very big (one easily knows who is leading). There was also a live broadcast on loudspeakers, in Italian (which was quite understandable). Among the lack of info, one hardly could know Leclerc used hard tyres in the second half of the race…
    I was impressed by Italian fans, although they didn’t seem to know much about F1; there was Ferrari and the rest… The balconies in the Biassono area flats had Ferrari flags! Actually, everybody was wearing Ferrari outfit everywhere.
    About the training and race, I was surprised by the lots of drivers who miss(ed) the first chicane. TV broadcasts don’t usually suggest it. On Friday the track was wet, so it was expectable, but not on the other two days. It wasn’t very easy to follow the action, given the enthusiasm every time a red car approached. Also, weakest teams were on the track more time than strongest ones, which isn’t very obvious on TV, where you see mostly the stands and start line.