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    It’s only 1 week until the return of GP3!

    This year the series has decided to try and improve passing yet again and they’ve changed the front wing. At the end of last year 2012 champion Mitch Evans ran the GP3/13 at the Abu Dhabi circuit with the intention of improving front end grip to aid in overtaking in the future as more front end grip should allow the drivers to battle further into the corners. So lets have a look at the new wing. this is a photo courtesy of Dave Ayres and PictureSports (like his page here for the latest GP3 photos ) so whats new?

    Well rather than redesign the whole of the front wing they have really only done one weird development. In 2009 in Formula 1 we saw a change that brought in the wider front wings that covered the whole width of the racing cars. Now rather than doing something similar with the GP3 car they have added exterior wing winglets. They’re fairly substantial in size and are angled to push the front wing down and direct air over the tyres.

    Other than this one change the rest of the car has remained the same. Looks like 2014 is going to be another exciting year in GP3!