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    Can someone explain to me how the championship is decided in the case of a tie?

    Looking at Vandoorne’s place, it seems like it’s not regular countback like in F1.


    The thing about Schumacher is that he can perform consistently during a whole testing day, he can put lap after lap after lap with only a 0.1s difference between each. That’s invaluable for a team who wants to evaluate the difference between two setups.

    Here’s an article about it in French :


    AUSTRALIA: Taken out in multi-car, first-corner accident
    Verdict: Innocent

    MALAYSIA: Exceeds safety car time
    Verdict: Guilty, 10-second penalty

    CHINA: Retires after contact with Jenson Button
    Verdict: Innocent, Button penalised

    BAHRAIN: Starts from the wrong grid position
    Verdict: Guilty, five-second penalty

    SPAIN: Suffers rear wing damage when hit by team-mate Romain Grosjean
    Verdict: Innocent

    MONACO: Contact with Felipe Massa at Ste Devote on lap one
    Verdict: Innocent (racing incident)

    BRITAIN: Retires on the spot when Grosjean spins into him
    Verdict: Innocent

    HUNGARY: Collides with Sergio Perez
    Verdict: Guilty, gets two penalty points and a drive-through

    BELGIUM: Crashes in practice at Les Combes, retires in the race in part due to excessive use of kerbs
    Verdict: Guilty, self-inflicted retirement

    ITALY: Out on lap one in another multi-car incident
    Verdict: Innocent, typical Monza chicane shunt

    SINGAPORE: Contact with Button
    Verdict: Jury out, Button heavily critical but no penalty

    BRAZIL: Tags Marcus Ericsson into a spin
    Verdict: Guilty, handed five-second penalty

    ABU DHABI: Wiped out by Fernando Alonso at the start
    Verdict: Innocent, Alonso penalised

    To be fair, he was somewhat decent this year. I think he would have done just fine but Magnussen is definitely a better driver. I’d have preferred a Magnussen-Maldonado line-up to a Magnussen-Palmer one.

    I’m happy Magnussen landed a drive after the comments made by Ron Dennis. I hope Renault will destroy McLaren next year, that’ll show them.


    I don’t think a general rule can be made for this, I think a case-by-case analysis is what works best.

    I agree the stewards are inconsistent, but they could begin by enforcing rules who already exist. Verstappen’s overtake on Nasr at Spa was fantastic … but also illegal. I don’t understand why the stewards didn’t ask him to return the place.

    And holy macaroni that 2004 video of Montoya and Schumacher is awesome! On most circuits nowadays Montoya would have just kept on on some tarmac run off and pulled off the overtake.


    I don’t think Red Bull will let Gasly go. He does a lot of simulator work and deserves another shot at GP2.


    Around 0:15

    I think Raikkonen is the current driver who does this the most, what do you think?


    I thought it was a bit childish of Seb but Rosberg’s comments afterwards were even more sillier.

    Anyway, at least there’s a driver who speaks bid mind.

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