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    My general admission experience once inside the gate rates about a 2 out of 10. Finding a place to set up and sit down (which means you had to bring/carry chairs) was a pain. Once the cars are on the track it’s next to impossible to see anything while seated, unless you’ve found a hilly spot (that way, you’re all staggered) such as around GS24, otherwise, in the flat areas there are huge crowds, pushing and shoving to get to the fences. This means you’ll probably end up standing for the entire race. Keep in mind that all of this is IF you arrived early enough to claim a spot. Now, this is the part that’s even worse – For me, that meant not only to arrive at the gate early, it meant arriving at the metro station when it OPENED, to get on the MIDDLE car, and then literally RUN with the others who had the same idea, to the gate. I was in my chair by 6:45am, and about 50th in line at the gate on race day! Once through the gates, it was then another MAD DASH to the spot I had decided on the day before (on a picnic table under a tree, by the fence, close to GS21) I was definately lucky on that find, as I could stay seated, right at the fence under a shady tree. And remember this is a full 4 hours before the race – exhausting!!!…And this is why I’d pay even the least amount for ANY GS seat rather than go through all of that :) p.s. the full ear protection (headphone style) is A MUST!!!!!! at ground level for children (the ear plugs are sometimes tricky to insert and re-insert with kids, especially if you’ll be wanting to converse with them)


    Hello again fellow formula1 fanatics. I’m soooo excited for this year’s race. It’ll be my third in a row and have opted for grandstand 34 this year (have done general admission before – wouldn’t recommend it & grandstand 12 last year – excellent!) I’m gonna wait to book my hotel as they are quite pricey (the rates were way better 2 months ago, but I procrastinated and lost out, oh well, I’ll sleep on the streets if I have to…lol) As I always go alone, and obviously with only one seat, swapping tickets is never convenient, but if anyone is interested in a swap for practice/quali, I’m game. I’d love to check out GS 1/2(across the pits) or GS 33.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)