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    Hi everyone. I’m looking to hear from fans who were at the British Grand Prix about their experiences at the race.

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    • This was my third time to Silverstone.
      As always i went alone and camped at the woodlands camp site.
      I took the train from London to Northampton and then the bus to Silverstone followed by a walk to the camp site. I had a 3 day ticket for Stowe C with Roving access on Friday and Saturday.

      Arrived on Thursday afternoon, with the sun shinning and…[Read more]

    • I had a great weekend. 4th time seeing the british gp & my first time camping (what a year to start!! lol) I went by myself. (So if anyone saw a young woman in a JB hap & high-vis yellow coat walking around by herself… well that was meee :)
      I didn’t have many issues over the weekend but that might be as I went via public transport (so didn’t…[Read more]

    • This is my first Grand Prix, I was enthusiastic even with the weather looking bad from the start!
      We arrived at Campingf1 on Thursday, and soon took our bikes to have a cycle round Silverstone, to firstly be amazed and rather scared upon the size of the circuit, it had to big, but I did not expect it to be that big! Thursday was a beautiful day,…[Read more]

    • Wow their are some very eloquent responses above!
      I was only able to attend for the ill fated Friday practice sessions. The journey down was a doddle, but once I reached the A43 it was obvious there were serious problems at the circuit or car parks judging by the sheer volume of traffic waiting to enter. Unfortunately this meant I missed all of…[Read more]

    • I was sitting in Club A on sunday and had a good view, I could see 2 big screens and the podium at a distance. It was my first GP and I really hope not my last as I think I caught the bug!

      I got to the track at 8.15am after leaving home at 6.30am (I live around hour and a bit away) I got parked in a muddy field with no problems. I was worried…[Read more]

    • This was my first Grand Prix and despite all the mud, the rain and everything else the weather threw at us I absolutely loved it. We (my gf, her dad, a neighbour and myself) all travelled down from Scotland on the Thursday and were all set up at the main camp-site by early evening and while the weather was good but the ground was already very wet…[Read more]

    • This was my first Grand Prix like a few others here. I went with my dad, staying in Northampton, and taking a bus at 7 every morning. Someone told the bus driver to take a different route on Friday morning, turns out we had missed the infamous 6-hour traffic jam! By the sounds of it @f1vick was on the same bus as me!
      Friday was spent at Woodcote…[Read more]

    • hi
      Arrived at woodlands campsite at 7am wed morning and had a 3 hour wait to get in but hey it was dry!!!!watched practice 1 from the beckets grandstand and practice 2 from the pit lane grandstand which was awesome,also watched the Senna movie from the same grandstand giving us a good view of the teams doing thier practice pit stops….
      watched…[Read more]