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    2. Mercedes
    3. Red Bull
    4. Mclaren
    5. Force India
    6. Williams
    7. Toro Rosso
    8. Caterham
    9. Sauber
    10. Marussia
    11. Lotus


    @prisoner-monkeys on what basis do you come to the conclusion that rennie left lotus because of raikkonen?


    24. Karthikeyan-outqualified in every race by PDLR.
    23. Glock – Matched by his rookie team mate at the start of the season and now being outpaced regularly.
    22.Massa- Less than 1/6th of his teammate’s points in a car which is not slow as it is made out to be.
    21.Pic -More than a match for his more experienced team mate.
    20.Senna- The hungarian performance notwithstanding he has been generally outpaced by maldonado.
    19.PDLR-Much quicker than his team mate and at times the marussia’s
    17. Kovalainen & Petrov-kovy the better qualifier,petrov the better racer.
    15.JEV & Ricciardo- Same as above .
    14.Paul di resta- Yet to figure out why the guy is hyped so much. Not much of a personality either.
    13.Button- Good start to the season in what was the best car but mclaren’s mid season dip in form was down to their drivers not extracting the most out of their car.Inability to set up the car is mostly seen in rookies not experienced WDC’s
    12.Kobayashi-Occasional glimpses of pace , brilliant overtaking and the ability to commit racing hara-kiri.
    13.Hulkenberg-Outpacing di resta as he gets to grips with the pirelli’s.
    10.MS-Would have been much higher if not for the brain fade in hungary.Has shown he still has the pace at 43.
    9.Maldonado-Impressive pace in a good car.Too much has been made out of his incidents.It takes 2 to tango.
    8.Rosberg-Achieved Mercedes first win since its comeback with probably the best qualifying lap of the season.
    7.Perez-Pace,consistency and ability to deal with pressure .All the signs of a top driver.
    5.Vettel and webber- Not much to seperate them.Vettel could do with being a bit more patient at times.
    4.Grosjean- Finally fulfilling his potential.Does have a tendency to be involved in incidents though not all are due to him.
    3.Raikkonen-Not as a quick as his team mate in qualifying but more than makes up for it with his brilliant racecraft.Also his ability to set up cars means lotus have been extracting maximum performance in virtually all the races.
    2.Hamilton- Best in qualifying so far this season.Could have had more points if not for pit stop blunders.A much more intelligent driver this season.
    1.Alonso-Flawless performance in a ferrari which has improved its speed throughout the season.Has been the smartest driver and has adapted best to the pirelli’s.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)