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  • Sentronics replaced Gill as the homologated F1 supplier in 2018. Both still supply flowmeters to other motorsport categories.

  • This time 12 months ago Racing Point – Force India as it was known at the time – was plunging into administration. A year on from those tough weeks, the team is in a much stronger position.

    Now with secure […]

  • Mercedes’ dominant W10 has a striking new retro livery this weekend. But besides the aesthetic changes the team has brought some significant new performance updates to the standard-setting FD1 car of 2019.

    The […]

  • Three races ago, Renault had closed to within two points of McLaren in the battle for ‘best of the rest’ honours behind the top three teams – sometimes called the ‘Formula 1.5’ fight.

    Since then McLaren has […]

  • When the V6 hybrid turbo era began five years ago, Mercedes’ customer teams could rely on their power units to keep them competitive.

    But as the field has closed up that is clearly no longer the case. Williams, […]

  • Haas resorted to running Romain Grosjean’s car in an older aerodynamic specification at Silverstone as the team tried to understand where it has lost its way with the VF-19.

    This produced some useful […]

  • Alfa Romeo are having an up-and-down year. Its car has only suited certain track and tyre combinations.

    While other teams with similar problems have held back major aero updates while they get to grips with […]

  • The Austrian Grand Prix ended in disappointment again for Ferrari as for the third time this year a likely win got away from them in the final laps.

    But had reason to draw encouragement from their car’s […]

  • Red Bull and Honda’s development programmes were rewarded last weekend as they became the first team to break Mercedes’ stranglehold on success in 2019. However the car that parked behind the P1 sign at the end of […]

  • Red Bull’s home win last weekend finally ended Mercedes’ stranglehold on a season which some had feared they would end undefeated. But this may yet prove a one-off; their ‘Monza 1988’ moment.

    The Austrian GP p […]

  • No, Ferrari lead this direction last year “Last season Ferrari were among the first to increase the offset once again”. It’s just hidden due to their different wishbone geometry

  • You’re right the wishbone geometry as drawn was simplified for this post.
    Teams want the wishbones as high as possible, so a lower keel placement, even though legal, would be undesirable. However a keel on the […]

  • Its placed in a free area
    “In this position the fin is legal as it sits in the space reserved for the footplate and thus below the regulatory area that demands no add-ons to the endplate.”

  • Racing Point’s car development remains somewhat hamstrung by the fact their chassis was conceived in the middle of last year when the team was in administration, its future unclear, and funds scarce. An upgrade […]

  • That’s a good point, there is more space.
    I suspect the upper wishbone mount can be brought inside the wheel to reduce the blockage it creates. I doubt the upper wishbone could be mounted any higher as its […]

  • At the French Grand Prix Ferrari have introduced what they call their first upgrade since the Spanish round.

    Several of the updates were pulled from the car after practice. According to the team, this is […]

  • McLaren have followed the practice adopted by rivals including Mercedes and Williams by using a suspension trick to lower their car’s ride height while cornering.

    The team has done this by increasing the offset […]

  • Renault enjoyed its strongest race weekend of the year so far in Canada and is aiming to build on that in its home event this weekend with a series of upgrades for its RS19.

    The team which ended last year […]

  • Red Bull have a new ‘spec three’ power unit courtesy of Honda this weekend, but have also brought two aerodynamic upgrades for their RB15.

    The wheels probably offer the bigger gain in performance, although the […]

  • Craig Scarborough wrote a new post 4 years ago

    As we came away from the eight days of testing, we saw the Ferrari was not only quickest on outright lap times, but looking finely-balanced through the turns. The Mercedes was slower, and appeared more difficult […]

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