• The german gp was a small improvement maybe 4/10 at a push, the people giving it a 7/10 an up must not have seen the real F1 racing of old when racing driver’s were on the limit all through the race not just a few […]

  • Am i the only one who don’t class lewis hamilton as a world champion due to the fact that he won his so called championship in a mclaren car that had ferrari data on it that was proven stolen from ferrari!!!!

  • German gp a good race, well i think it was an improvement on what we have seen so far this year! I was just about to cancel my sky sports subscription cause F1 has got so boring but i may give it a few months to see if further improvement happens cause its a whole lot of moneys that i don’t really have to waste on F1 if its crap like it has been!!!!

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