• Stewart Thompson posted an update 9 years, 7 months ago

    In reply to Mads ……. yes I understand that F1 couldn’t exist under these conditions that’s why I said it should be a totally separate formula where the major Money guys could compete under these conditions, and I suppose you could cal;l it FX and still run the existing format of F! with all the teams being honest about their budgets, with all transgressions of the budget rules punishable with heavy fines, or at least heavy enough to make them hurt.
    I would imagine that Teams like McLaren; Mercedes; Red Bull; Ferrari and maybe even some new names like Audi and Porsche would like to have a go at the Ultimate Formula, and lets face it there are lots of manufacturers already spending Billions on new development programs and what better way to showcase their ideas.

    F1 as it is will always have the Money Mad teams trying it on so that their huge development divisions can show their merit, unless you make the rules un-bendable, and there will always be teams like Sauber and Williams etc who will want to carry on, including the aforementioned Money teams still wishing to enter a team.

    I just think the Ultimate should really be “The Ultimate” and not a capped, circumcised and “lid screwed down” showcase for engineering brilliance.