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    David Margono

    Hulkenberg has the utter misfortune of showing his talents in 2012-2013… the way he wrings the most out of that midfield Sauber is a lot like how Vettel consistently wringed (wrung?) the most out his Toro Rosso in 2008 to get into the points, with the only difference being that Vettel was able to win when the opportunity presented itself while Hulkenberg was unfortunate to slide into Hamilton. Also, Vettel thrashed Bourdais the same way Hulkenberg thrashes Gutierrez. Vettel was fortunate that he had RBR to further hone his immense talent and eventually become a 4x WDC whereas Hulkenberg… just shows the sorry state F1 is in at the moment.

    David Margono

    Overall (No Kovalainen):
    1) Vettel
    2) Alonso
    3) Hamilton
    4) Raikkonen
    5) Hulkenberg
    6) Rosberg
    7) Grosjean
    8) Webber
    9) Button
    10) Perez
    11) Ricciardo
    12) Bottas
    13) Di Resta
    14) Massa
    15) Sutil
    16) Vergne
    17) Bianchi
    18) Maldonado
    19) Gutierrez
    20) Pic
    21) Van Der Garde
    22) Chilton

    I’d put Grosjean in 2nd if it was only the second half of the season but his first half was abysmal… basically the gap between 2nd-7th on my list has a very slim margin between them.

    David Margono

    Wow Mercedes would have lost to Ferrari… actually for a 22 car grid I think the points system from 2003-2009 would have been perfect, almost half the field getting points is a little excessive IMO; top 10 for 24 cars seem fine but for 22 it seems a bit much.

    David Margono

    Grosjean on Button

    David Margono

    Team: Mercedes
    Driver 1: Lewis Hamilton
    Driver 2: Sebastian Vettel

    A 100% pole position and front-row lockout rate over the course of the season between them is not out of the question. I’d expect 2 Silver Arrows to be leading the pack at the start of every race, though how they cope over a race distance is another story :P

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)