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    Verstappen on Ricciardo (I think). Very good job to go alongside in turn 1, then he had the inside for turn 2 and he squeezed Ricciardo at the exit of the corner, leaving him just enough space. Very cool move and I was impressed to see the confidence and the control that he has with his car.


    1. Daniel Ricciardo: I knew he was fast, but I didn’t expect him to be so consistent and mistake-free. Really impressive season, no one saw it coming.
    2. Lewis Hamilton: He made a few mistakes, especially in qualifying, but he always bounced back. Great race pace, great tyre management and fuel management. Fully deserved championship
    3. Nico Rosberg: Nico gave Lewis a very hard time. Very fast, very consistent and he always delivered in qualifying. It’s a shame that in the second half of the season he didn’t have a lot of pace in the race. But the fact that he was fighting for the championship against one of the best Hamilton we’ve seen lately is an achievement, I think.
    4. Fernando Alonso: Usual Alonso season, actually. Very consistent, very few mistakes and some brilliant performances here and there.
    5. Valtteri Bottas: He showed potential last year and he did not disappoint in 2014. He was much faster than Massa for most of the season, but in the final few races Felipe was a bit more convincing. Fourth in the standings is really impressive.
    6. Jenson Button: Jenson showed that he still deserves to be in F1. The first half of the championship was nothing spectacular, but when Mclaren improved the car he was regularly fighting with Red Bull and Ferrari, while Magnussen sometimes struggled to get into the top 10.
    7. Nico Hulkenberg: Maybe not his most impressive season, but he scored a lot of points. Very reliable driver, even if sometimes he was slower than Perez.
    8. Sebastian Vettel: Not a good season overall. He had reliability issues, he didn’t like the car, he was very critical of the new regulations. But he managed to extract some good performances and he improved during the season.
    9. Jules Bianchi: He had a bit of a messy start of the season, with a few penalties. But he was always faster than Chilton. He appeared a few times in Q2 and he scored points in a Marussia. His season was going very well, until Japan.
    10. Daniil Kvyat: In my opinion he is the best rookie of 2014. Yes, a lot of mistakes and sometimes he didn’t get the best out of the car, but he had a lot of eye-catching drives. Maybe he needed another year in STR to be a bit more consistent, but the pace is definitely there.
    11. Felipe Massa: In the first few races it seemed that Bottas was going to be like Alonso for Massa. Felipe had some bad luck, but also he made some mistakes and crashed more than once. He got pole in Austria, which was awesome, and in the last part of the season he looked very close to Bottas.
    12. Sergio Perez: A decent season, I’d say. Hulkenberg is rated very highly, but I expected Sergio to be a little bit closer, especially in the first few races. But when his weekend went smooth he was genuinely impressive, like the podium in Bahrain and a few other drives.
    13. Romain Grosjean: Scoring points with that Lotus is an achievement, definitely. But the car didn’t allow him to show off his skills too much.
    14. Kevin Magnussen: Maybe it’s a bit harsh, but I think that everyone expected a little bit more from him. His performance in Australia was incredible, but after that he was always a bit mediocre. I mean, I know that being a rookie in F1 is very hard, but he had some poor performances here and there. I think he deserves to stay in F1, though. He was always enjoyable to watch when he was in battle!
    15. Kimi Raikkonen: He had a good race in Belgium and he was very competitive in Brazil, but a mistake in the pits costed him a couple of places. Other than that it’s a season to forget. He never looked comfortable in the car. Marc Genè does the TV commentator for Sky Sports Italy and every weekend he was saying that Kimi now understands the car a bit more and he is showing more pace, but I definitely don’t see it in the results.
    16. Jean-Eric Verge: Yes, he scored a lot of points, but his season was quite poor until there was a seat available at Toro Rosso. Some good moves, a very good race in Singapore, but overall I’d say that in his third season in STR he has not done enough to prove that he is ready for a top team. I think he still deserves to stay in F1, though.
    17. Pastor Maldonado: Well, he scored points with that Lotus, so it’s not too bad. But other than that it was a terrible season for him: he crashed a lot and he was often slower than Grosjean.
    18. Kamui Kobayashi: He has been okay. Really, I don’t know what to say. No eye-catching drives, but he outpaced Ericsson. But Andre Lotterer outqualified Ericsson in his first ever F1 Grand Prix, so maybe it’s not that big of an achievent.
    19. Adrian Sutil: He’s not the most exciting driver on the grid and he certainly didn’t do a lot in 2014 to prove that wrong. Good quali in Austin, it could have been his best weekend of the season if it wasn’t for Perez. But he crashed in Monaco, one of the very few races where Sauber could have scored, so that was pretty bad
    20. Max Chilton: He improved compared to 2013, but not good enough.
    21. Esteban Gutierrez: Very similar to Sutil, really. But he probably missed a chance in Austin. And, like Sutil, he crashed in Monaco when he was running in the top 10.
    22. Marcus Ericsson: I watch GP2 and from what I saw Ericsson was not so bad. Yes, he has never been a championship contender but he was usually fast. I thought that he was going to be close to Kobayashi, at least. I know that being a rookie in F1 is hard, but he was really disappoing. Being outpaced by Andre Lotterer and Merhi in FP1 was the icing on the cake. He improved a lot in the last few races, so maybe 2015 is not going to be so bad for him.


    Sky Italy is showing reruns of the race regularly as far as I know. I re-watched the start of the race this afternoon, but I didn’t continue, so I don’t know if they interrupt the rerun before Bianchi’s accident.


    13th in quali, 8th in the race.


    Eau Rouge/Raidillon
    Turn 1 (Circuit of the Americas)
    Fairmont Hairpin (Monaco)
    Turns 1-4 (Shanghai)
    L’Epingle (the Hairpin at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve)
    Turns 9-10 (Sakhir, Bahrain)


    It’s a surprise not to see Rome in the calendar. I wonder what happened.


    Best Driver: Hulkenberg
    Worst Driver: Di Resta
    Best Team: Red Bull
    Worst Team: Force India
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Webber
    Funniest moment: Alonso complaining about the light on Vettel’s car, it was very funny, because he was very upset about such a small thing
    Most Surprising Result: How close the field was
    Least Surprising Result: Vettel and Alonso on the podim
    Special Mention to: Vettel, of course. It was impressive how he was able to dominate even with his problems
    Race Rating: 7/10

    World feed rating: 8/10. Good, I would have preferred seeing more action from Hulkenberg, especially at the end, when him and Rosberg were getting really close to Massa.


    What is the best grandstand for saturday? I was thinking at 6c (first chicane at the inside), 8b (outside of the first chicane) or Ascari. But I really don’t know what to choose.


    Well, my previous avatar was deleted a couple of days ago, I didn’t know where it was, so I changed it.

    Now I’m using Nelson Tethers. He’s the main character in Puzzle Agent, a videogame. I’m not in love with it, it was an ok game. I don’t know why, but I started using him as an avatar a couple of years ago, and now I use this picture in every website I’m registered. I guess it has become my face on the internet :D


    Hi guys, I’m considering going to Monza this year. I live quite close to the track and I’ve never been there for a Formula 1 grand prix, that’s embarassing, I know. Actually my first time at the track was last month, to see Formula Renault 3.5.
    I have a few questions:
    For money reasons, I’m considering the general admission, the grandstands are quite expensive. What’s the best place? Where can I find a screen? Is it possible to understand what’s going on on track or you just see cars going around?


    Ceccotto’s driving is unacceptable. I don’t understand how he is still allowed to race.


    It was way too wet, but there were no major accidents, well done to all the drivers.
    Nato did a disaster at the start, it was a shame. But I have to say I was impressed with the drivers. The conditions were terrible, I was surprised they let them race, but we didn’t see any major accidents.

    @tom-l Yeah, Nato spun off at the very first corner after the SC came in. He also joined the track when there were other cars passing.


    Vettel on Massa, no doubt. Special mention to Alonso and Massa on Hamilton.


    I saw the race from Ascari, it’s a shame that nothing happened there today. By the way, I love these cars. I saw both qualifying this morning and race 2, it’s been very entertaining.


    Vettel on Sutil. It was a bit risky, but in the end it was a very strong manoeuvre.

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