A point about points

The 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 points system introduced by the FIA in 2003 has failed to make subsequent Formula One championships – and other championships using the same system – any more exciting. The strongest effect of granting of extra points for lower positions has been to encourage championship leading drivers to settle for second or third place … Continue reading A point about points

Worst. Blog. Ever.

Ferrari launched their Felipe Massa Blog nearly two months ago now. And it’s rubbish. For starters, the blog reads no different to your standard press releases – the usual bland quotes (“we will be working hard”…”I reckon things went prety well”), very little detail at all about life behind the scenes at Ferrari, and nothing … Continue reading Worst. Blog. Ever.

D-Day for Ide

Frenchman Franck Montagny will make his Formula One debut at this weekend’s European Grand Prix. He will replace the under-fire Japanese driver Yuji Ide at Super Aguri-Honda. Ide started the season with no prior Formula One experience. He struggled to match the pace of more experienced team mate Takuma Sato and in Melbourne compromised the … Continue reading D-Day for Ide

F1Fanatic by name…

Being in a foreign country isn’t going to stop any Formula One fan getting their fix. But I must confess I was a bit disappointed that the fairly plush hotel I’m staying in in Mexico didn’t have satellite television. Without that, no Fox Sports and no F1. Fortunately the tourist resort of Playa del Carmen … Continue reading F1Fanatic by name…

Thoughts from abroad #1

I may be holidaying in Mexico at the moment (hence no new features!) but I’m not taking a holiday from Formula One. But as I haven’t the time to scour the news sources for some interesting or overlooked titbit, I’m going to enter the dangerous territory of prediction-making instead. The three-week break between races has … Continue reading Thoughts from abroad #1

Schnaider to sell?

The Daily Telegraph have reported that Alex Schnaider is keen to sell his Midland F1 team – only three races into their first ‘proper’ Formula One season. Many commentators have been vocally sceptical about the team which is backed by Russian heavy industry company the Midland Group. The article insists that team boss Colin Kolles … Continue reading Schnaider to sell?

F1 at Valencia ‘by 2009’

Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that the Valencia track will host a Formula One race in 2009, when modifications to the circuit to accommodate the cars have been completed. Valencia held the opening round of this year’s GP2 championship last weekend. Like many Spanish circuits Valencia is a popular testing destination due to the favourable winter … Continue reading F1 at Valencia ‘by 2009’

Alonso wins again after pole winner Button blows up

2006 Australian Grand Prix review

Fernando Alonso stamped his authority all over the Australian Grand Prix – while the field behind him fell by the wayside. Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya and Jenson Button were among the casualties. Button rocketed to pole position on Saturday on a very competitive fuel load, and successfully converted the advantage into the race lead. … Continue reading Alonso wins again after pole winner Button blows up

Race rotation: an A1 idea?

Bernie Ecclestone has publicly speculated that future Formula One calendars could be far more fluid, with each country holding a race every two or three years instead of annually. Meanwhile the A1 Grand Prix series, the first season of which ended in Shanghai today (pictured), have indicated a substantially different 2006-07 calendar. The first two … Continue reading Race rotation: an A1 idea?

Massa shunt shafts Schu

The vagaries of 2006-style qualifying combined to claim a few noteworthy scalps ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. The first was Rubens Barrichello, who failed to get beyond the first session and quaified 16th, bumped down by Vitantonio Liuzzi’s Scuderia Toro Rosso-Cosworth. Barrichello’s early hot lap was thwarted by Yuji Ide who spun his Super … Continue reading Massa shunt shafts Schu

Peace reigns – for now

In last week’s editorial I suggested that if Ferrari didn’t back down over the flexi-wings row and the five GPMA teams didn’t hand their Formula One applications in to the FIA, we could have had an ugly Indianapolis-style farce on our hands. Happily, the GPMA got their paperwork done on time, and Ferrari have changed … Continue reading Peace reigns – for now

GPMA-FIA deal done?

Paddock Talk are reporting that the five GPMA-aligned teams – McLaren, BMW, Honda, Renault, Toyota – have submitted their applications to the FIA for participation in the 2008 Formula One World Championship ahead of the March 31st deadline. There is no news yet on whether the FIA have accepted their submissions, or whether they contain … Continue reading GPMA-FIA deal done?