Missing the points

Changing the number of points that are given for finishing positions in Grands Prix could revolutionise how drivers approach races and fundamentally alter the meaning of the Driver’s Championship. It is something the governing body should very seriously consider. The Formula One rules have been in a state of flux since 2002. Not a year, … Continue reading Missing the points

Last-lap drama for Raikkonen hands Alonso victory

2005 European Grand Prix review

Fernando Alonso kept Kimi Raikkonen under pressure throughout the European Grand Prix and capitalised at the last possible moment, when Raikkonen’s suspension shattered and pitched the Finn into the barriers. Alonso now has a 32-point advantage in the title race. From the outset the European Grand Prix looked like it was going to be McLaren-Mercedes … Continue reading Last-lap drama for Raikkonen hands Alonso victory

Liuzzi out, Klien back in

Red Bull have confirmed that Vitantonio Liuzzi will be replaced by Christian Klien after the European Grand Prix. This is the first time that a team have deliberately shared a single seat between two drivers since Ligier made a similar arrangement with Aguri Suzuki and Martin Brundle in 1995. Brundle started eleven races to Suzuki’s … Continue reading Liuzzi out, Klien back in

DC: Monaco is “normal”

David Coulthard, revelling in his newfound outspokenness since leaving McLaren, has hit out at the increasing sanitisation of Monaco. Since 2003 the notorious Monaco Armco barriers have been removed from several places and the Rascasse corner has been made less tight (see The Magic of Monaco, issue 11). “Now they have changed the last part … Continue reading DC: Monaco is “normal”

Villeneuve pushing Sauber

A classic example of how different media outlets skew stories in different ways. BBC Sport claim Jacques Villeneuve is demanding that Sauber spend more in order to become more competitive. Autosport-Atlas treat the story more gently, reporting that Villeneuve believes Sauber are struggling because of their lack of money (but, note the difference, not actually … Continue reading Villeneuve pushing Sauber

The Magic of Monaco

Not only is the Monaco Grand Prix the most glamorous event on the motor racing calendar, it is also a living piece of F1 history. Drivers have gone to battle in the impossibly tight confines of the streets of Monte-Carlo since 1929. Nine non-championship events were run at Monaco from 1929 to 1937, followed by … Continue reading The Magic of Monaco

Editorial: Red Devils

They’re big. They’re red. They’ve got massive amounts of Vodafone cash behind them. They’ve done an awful lot of winning but have run into something of a dry spell lately. But that won’t stop them from demanding the lion’s share of the spoils. I’m writing about Manchester United, of course, the hugely successful British Premier … Continue reading Editorial: Red Devils

Crash Testing

For the casual fan it may seem that F1 testing is more interesting than the races. Seemingly every week there is some new controversy about testing. This week, David Coulthard has decided to share with the world his opinion that safety standards at F1 test days are not up to scratch. I do sympathise with … Continue reading Crash Testing

Wurz in the wars

David Coulthard’s recent remark on the issue of safety at test sessions has been given greater resonance by a massive accident Alex Wurz suffered in testing at the Paul Ricard facility today. A suspected suspension failure threw his McLaren into a barrier at around 280kph (180 mph). The car was reportedly broken into several pieces … Continue reading Wurz in the wars