F1 in the blogs 14

Don’t miss our second-ever ‘Post of the Week’ – part of our round up of the latest on F1 from the blogging world. Featuring reaction to the McLaren launch, some surprising lap times from Super Aguri, and the latest controversial rules change…

F1 in the news 20

In the F1 news this week three old hands get back behind the wheel, the wise money’s on Lewis Hamilton but the even wiser money is in Bernie Ecclestone’s pocket. Plus a corruption scandal in China and some good old-fashioned Ferrari vs. McLaren gossip.

Video: Top 50 F1 Passes – Part IV

Ten more passes that made us blink is disbelief: including two moves on Alan Jones by Gilles Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher’s greatest overtaking move. The final top ten will be revealed tomorrow – don’t miss it!

More spy shots: Williams FW29 livery

Another F1 car breaks cover before its official launch. Here is last year’s Williams dressed up the new 2007 livery featuring AT&T and Lenovo sponsorship… Related links 2007 Renault R27 spy photos Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport

Lewis Hamilton: This is your press

The hype starts here. The McLaren-Mercedes MP4-22 was launched yesterday, and presented to the press along with drivers Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. It was the latter, of course, that grabbed the headlines in Britain:

Video: Top 50 F1 Passes – Part II

The second part of our feature on thirty years of outstanding overtaking. Today’s memorable moments include inspired ‘double passes’ by Jean Alesi and Alain Prost, a pair of cracking moves from the infamous 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, and an unlikely move by Damon Hill.

Big in America

David Beckham is off to play football in America, in deal that will make him USD $250m richer. No I haven’t gone mad and turned F1Fanatic into a football gossip column. This is interesting to F1 fans for two reasons: Firsit, the deal was set up by 19 Entertainment head Simon Fuller, who was hired … Continue reading Big in America

F1 in the blogs 13

Read our top post from the world of F1 bloggers this week. Plus, a Ferrari fan turns on Raikkonen, a Bahraini cheers the McLaren buy-in and Toyota’s launch is met with a little scepticism. Read on for more.

F1 in the news 19

In the F1 news this week India and Portugal are bidding to host a Grand Prix – and Suzuka are hoping to get theirs back. Plus Jarno Trulli hails the GPDA and Adrian Sutil does the same for Lewis Hamilton. Read on for these and more.