F1 is #4 in US motor sport

17 May 2006 |

A survey by ESPN has revealed the extent of Formula One’s struggle to capture the imagination of American sports fans. It ranked fourth out of all motor sports in a popularity poll. Top was NASCAR with three-fifths of the vote (59.5%), followed by NHRA drag racing (13.4%) and motorcycle racing (9.7%). Only 6.3% of fans … Continue reading F1 is #4 in US motor sport

The five-second peace

16 May 2006 |

Three turgid Grands Prix in a row were unsettling enough. But now the ugly spectre of political conflict in Formula One has reared its head once more. The news that the GPWC-aligned teams were ready to agree terms with Bernie Ecclestone had scarcely sunk in, the hopes for a new era of political stability in … Continue reading The five-second peace

Spanish Grand Prix 2006 Media Review

15 May 2006 |

Two newspapers couldn’t resist the urge to make ‘rain in Spain’ puns – find out which ones and loads more in the post-race media review. Tags: f1 / formula one / grand prix / motor sport

Home hero Alonso wins tactical struggle against Schumacher

Spanish Grand Prix 2006 Review

14 May 2006 |

A ferocious, bitter battle for supremacy is being fought in Formula 1. Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher have waged war on one another for three consecutive, bruising rounds. But, such is the nature of Formula 1 in 2006, the blows being exchanged are not the cut and thrust of passing and defending, but quick laps … Continue reading Home hero Alonso wins tactical struggle against Schumacher

V8s hit reliability

13 May 2006 |

The switch to 2.4 litre V8 engines for 2006 has had a predictable effect on reliability: Cars are failing at a greater rate than last year. There were seven mechnical retirements in last week’s European Grand Prix. Retirements due to mechanical failure had dropped from 29% in 2002 to 11% last year. The new points … Continue reading V8s hit reliability

F1’s Friday farce

12 May 2006 |

Somewhere near the bottom of the ‘Things to Fix with F1’ list, beneath ‘overtaking’, ‘distribution of income’ and ‘fuel burn-off in qualifying’, is the dearth of Formula One action on the Friday of a race weekend. 130,000 Spaniards are at the Circuit de Catalunya to watch Fernando Alonso this weekend. So far, he’s done just … Continue reading F1’s Friday farce

Aguri ‘need young driver’

11 May 2006 |

Super Aguri fans are phlegmatic about the predicament of Yuji Ide. Writing on Formula3.cc one fan has admitted that Ide’s performances were disappointing and that he failed to resolve communication problems within the team. Ide has little to no English, and was forced to request setup changes via team boss Aguri Suzuki, which caused further … Continue reading Aguri ‘need young driver’

DC to join the 200 club

11 May 2006 |

David Coulthard will become the tenth driver to have participated in 200 Grand Prix at the Spanish Grand prix this weekend. Fittingly, it is also the circuit where he started his Formula One career in 1994 at Williams, replacing the late Ayrton Senna. Two active drivers have already passed the 200 mark – Michael Schumacher … Continue reading DC to join the 200 club

Montreal contract extended

8 May 2006 |

The Canadian Grand Prix will remain at the circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal for a further five years. A group lobbying on behalf of Toronto had approached Midland F1 boss Alex Schnaider about pitching for a Grand Prix in the rival city, but without a suitable circuit (the Champ Car venue presumably not being adequate) the … Continue reading Montreal contract extended

Schumacher closes on Alonso with home triumph

2006 European Grand Prix Review

7 May 2006 |

The Michael Schumacher-Fernando Alonso needle match picked up at the Nurburgring where it left off in Imola. The entire weekend was about the finely poised battle between the two of them. But sadly the battle was once again resolved in the pits and not on the track. Feeling the pressure from Schumacher’s Imola win Renault … Continue reading Schumacher closes on Alonso with home triumph

Harsh penalty for Villeneuve

7 May 2006 |

Jacques Villeneuve lost his best laptime after qualifying as punishment for holding up Giancarlo Fisichella during the second part of the session. He drops to ninth place, which doesn’t benefit 11th-placed Fisichella. Villeneuve was coming towards the end of his out lap when Fisichella, on his fast lap, caught him. The stewards seem to be … Continue reading Harsh penalty for Villeneuve