The Master and the Doctor

8 May 2005 |

Six years into the new millennium and so far the top levels of four- and two-wheeled motorsport, Formula One and Moto GP, have been dominated by two men: Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi. Both have been practically unbeatable, but comparing them reveals intriguing differences. The first, obvious, similarity is their astounding successes and shared desire … Continue reading The Master and the Doctor

The Battle at the Back

8 May 2005 |

The cameras follow the fight at the front: there’s nothing wrong with that. But at the other end of the grid Minardi and Jordan are battling each other with equal ferocity, and a fascinating duel is beginning to develop between the two minnows of Formula One. Jordan and Minardi are, in relative terms, the poor … Continue reading The Battle at the Back

Editorial: Bad Losers

8 May 2005 |

Ferrari boss Jean Todt told Autosport this week, ?????ǣOur rivals are just bad losers.?????? McLaren head Ron Dennis admitted as much after Imola: ?????ǣI was in pain for days afterwards,?????? he said. But you can be worse things than just a bad loser?????? Nick Fry and the BAR team must have seen the writing on … Continue reading Editorial: Bad Losers

BAR drop appeal

6 May 2005 |

BAR have dropped their counter-appeal against the FIA’s victory in the row over whether they ran Jenson Button’s car underweight in the San Marino Grand Prix. This is tantamount to acceptance by BAR of the claim that the car did contravene the rules, but means they do not suffer the potential greater embarassment of being … Continue reading BAR drop appeal

BAR get two-race ban

5 May 2005 |

The FIA have thrown BAR out of the results for the San Marino Grand Prix and banned them from the next two rounds (Spain and Monaco) for running underweight in San Marino. A secondary fuel tank within the main fuel tain was used to retain fuel during post-race scrutineering. When this was emptied, the BAR … Continue reading BAR get two-race ban

Montoya back for Spain

4 May 2005 |

Juan Pablo Montoya will return to the cockpit of his McLAren MP4-20 for his first race since injuring his shoulder after the Malaysian Grand Prix. He will suffer the disadvantage of running first in qualifying 1 on Saturday, but should beneift from the progress McLaren have made during his abence, and the new parts they … Continue reading Montoya back for Spain

FIA claim BAR cheated

4 May 2005 |

The hearing of the FIA appeal against BAR’s reinstatement into the San Marino Grand Prix results has begun. FIA prosecutors are aiming to prove that BAR’s ‘second fuel tank’, which retains a small amount of fuel to regulate its pressure as it enters the Honda engine, contravenes the rules. More controversially, the FIA are insisting … Continue reading FIA claim BAR cheated

Testing Times

1 May 2005 |

The dismal 2004 season was invariably eclipsed by the political disputes taking over the sport. This year the bitter division between the majority of the teams on one side, and the FIA and Ferrari on the other, threatens to ruin the action on the track and cause irreparable damage to F1. It is an appalling … Continue reading Testing Times

Flying the flag in the States

1 May 2005 |

It is perhaps a sad state of affairs that there are currently more British drivers enjoying successful careers in the Indy Racing League (IRL) and Champ Car than there are in the upper echelons of European single seater racing. Coupled with the ever-growing number of Brits in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and other … Continue reading Flying the flag in the States

Editorial: DC’s RBR PR


1 May 2005 |

The whole Red Bull Racing way of managing and promoting their drivers, which is all rather fascinating to me. In the past two decades, as commercial investment in Formula 1 has ballooned to stratospheric proportions, so, inevitably, have drivers been required to toe a more corporate-friendly line. Be positive about your team and – most … Continue reading Editorial: DC’s RBR PR

Webber criticises Heidfeld

29 Apr 2005 |

Mark Webber has slighted team mate Nick Heidfeld’s racecraft in a recent interview, in which Webber claimed Heidfeld, “just sits there,” and doesn’t try hard enough to pass other cars. Perhaps Webber needs reminding that Heidfeld was ‘just sitting there’when Webber needlessly clashed with Giancarlo Fisichella in Malaysia, promoting Heidfeld to a podium place. Something … Continue reading Webber criticises Heidfeld

ITV ‘Sorry’

27 Apr 2005 |

ITV have posted an apology to F1 fans on their website for showing adverts instead of the concluding laps of the thrilling San Marino Grand Prix. “It is ITV1’s firm commitment to continue to bring you the best F1 coverage that we can,” they claim. Rest assured, F1Fanatic will be keeping a very close eye … Continue reading ITV ‘Sorry’

Red faces at Minardi

27 Apr 2005 |

Paul Stoddart may regret signing 40 year-old Israeli Chanook Nissany – the first Israeli to drive an F1 car – after the rookie crashed into team mate Christijan Albers during one of the team’s rare test sessions.

BAR weight row goes on

26 Apr 2005 |

Nick Fry is continuing to defend BAR against allegations that Jenson Button’s car ran underweight at Imola. It spent six hours in scrutinerring before being passed by the stewards, but the decision was bizarrely appealed against by the FIA and BAR face a potential ban if the appeal is successful. “Does anyone really think that … Continue reading BAR weight row goes on