Editorial: Red Devils

They’re big. They’re red. They’ve got massive amounts of Vodafone cash behind them. They’ve done an awful lot of winning but have run into something of a dry spell lately. But that won’t stop them from demanding the lion’s share of the spoils. I’m writing about Manchester United, of course, the hugely successful British Premier … Continue reading Editorial: Red Devils

Crash Testing

For the casual fan it may seem that F1 testing is more interesting than the races. Seemingly every week there is some new controversy about testing. This week, David Coulthard has decided to share with the world his opinion that safety standards at F1 test days are not up to scratch. I do sympathise with … Continue reading Crash Testing

Wurz in the wars

David Coulthard’s recent remark on the issue of safety at test sessions has been given greater resonance by a massive accident Alex Wurz suffered in testing at the Paul Ricard facility today. A suspected suspension failure threw his McLaren into a barrier at around 280kph (180 mph). The car was reportedly broken into several pieces … Continue reading Wurz in the wars

“Champion: Hunt” (DVD)

This is one of the more contemporary titles in Duke Video’s series of video biographies of notable champions. 1976 champion James Hunt was one of the sport’s most unusual characters, and his championship-winning season is just begging to be made into a feature film. There’s a lot of high quality footage and it’s been carefully … Continue reading “Champion: Hunt” (DVD)

The Master and the Doctor

Six years into the new millennium and so far the top levels of four- and two-wheeled motorsport, Formula One and Moto GP, have been dominated by two men: Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi. Both have been practically unbeatable, but comparing them reveals intriguing differences. The first, obvious, similarity is their astounding successes and shared desire … Continue reading The Master and the Doctor

The Battle at the Back

The cameras follow the fight at the front: there’s nothing wrong with that. But at the other end of the grid Minardi and Jordan are battling each other with equal ferocity, and a fascinating duel is beginning to develop between the two minnows of Formula One. Jordan and Minardi are, in relative terms, the poor … Continue reading The Battle at the Back

Editorial: Bad Losers

Ferrari boss Jean Todt told Autosport this week, ?????ǣOur rivals are just bad losers.?????? McLaren head Ron Dennis admitted as much after Imola: ?????ǣI was in pain for days afterwards,?????? he said. But you can be worse things than just a bad loser?????? Nick Fry and the BAR team must have seen the writing on … Continue reading Editorial: Bad Losers

BAR drop appeal

BAR have dropped their counter-appeal against the FIA’s victory in the row over whether they ran Jenson Button’s car underweight in the San Marino Grand Prix. This is tantamount to acceptance by BAR of the claim that the car did contravene the rules, but means they do not suffer the potential greater embarassment of being … Continue reading BAR drop appeal

BAR get two-race ban

The FIA have thrown BAR out of the results for the San Marino Grand Prix and banned them from the next two rounds (Spain and Monaco) for running underweight in San Marino. A secondary fuel tank within the main fuel tain was used to retain fuel during post-race scrutineering. When this was emptied, the BAR … Continue reading BAR get two-race ban