248-F1 Ferrari F1 car pictures

Images (C) Ferrari spa

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  1. Woohoo.. Michael Schumacher, Ferrari 248-F1, 2006 Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang. Brings back memories

    1. Hi I hav a david wilson pencil drawn picture of michael schumachers 2006 ferrari f248 which was drawn in 2007, its signed buy david wilson below the picture of the car and a sticker on the back of picture with all the artists details and picture details which im trying to find a price and sell, I no its not old but you csn see 100 percent its a pencil drawing as I took it to a local artist who only uses pencil himself and he confirmed its pencil, but isnt a f1 or schumacher fan, but I mearly want confirmstion it wasnt a copy, im no artist but u can see with naked eye its bein beautifuly drawn buy david wilson, if anybody can shed a bit of lite on the picture or have one themselves and no its value and could comment that would be greatly appreciated as I no very little, tried to find the picture online but no joy, thanks, dont no if u could poss comment on here as have forgot my e mail password, which il have to put up regardless of this, as said if you could commenton this same page with Iinfo would be great, if not just e mail but it is more likely pointless thanks….

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