1 World Drivers’ Championship – All drivers

1994 World Drivers' Championship - All drivers

25 of 46 drivers scored points, and although the battle for the championship was close it was only between two drivers.

2 World Drivers’ Championship – Battle for the title

1994 World Drivers' Championship - Battle for the title

Michael Schumacher’s enforced two-race ban, which followed a disqualification in Spa, allowed Damon Hill to shrink a 31-point deficit to just a single point.

3 World Drivers’ Championship – Points systems 1981-present

1994 World Drivers' Championship - Points systems 1981-present

Damon Hill would have been world champion by eight points, instead of losing by one, had the 2003 points system been used in 1994.

4 World Constructors’ Championships – All constructors

1994 World Constructors' Championships - All constructors

Neither of the newcomers – Pacific and Simtek – scored points in their debut season. Benetton’s Michael Schumacher won the drivers’ championship, but the failure of his three team-mates to score points consistently meant they lost out to Williams.

5 World Constructors’ Championships – Battle for the title

1994 World Constructors' Championships - Battle for the title

Benetton took an early lead as Williams suffered the death of Senna and struggled with the ill-handling FW16.

6 Drivers’ Average Start Positions

1994 Drivers' Average Start Positions

Ayrton Senna fittingly sat on pole for every race in his final season. 46th entrant Andrea Montermini did not qualify after breaking his foot in a crash at the Circuit de Catalunya.

7 Drivers’ Top 3 Qualifying Positions

1994 Drivers' Top 3 Qualifying Positions

Michael Schumacher started from the top three in all but one of the races he started. He took his first pole position at Monte-Carlo, and two other first-time pole sitters would follow: Rubens Barrichello and Jean Alesi.

8 Drivers’ Average Position CHanges and Participations

1994 Drivers' Average Position Changes and Participations

An erratic season saw many teams run more than two drivers during the year.

9 Drivers’ Points per Round and per Finish

1994 Drivers' Average Position Changes and Participations

Schumacher’s poor finishing record in the second half of the season kept Hill’s championship hopes alive. Although they were only separated by one point at the season’s end, Schumacher would have scored far better without his retirements and disqualifications.
10 Drivers’ DNFs (totals)

1994 Drivers' DNFs (totals)

With more drivers entering each race than there were places available, for most of the season, the DNQ rate stood at 6%.

11 Drivers’ DNFs (by driver)

1994 Drivers' DNFs (by driver)

Michael Schumacher won the title despite two disqualification and a two-race ban.

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