2011 F1 statistics: Qualifying

Qualifying results: table
Qualifying results: graph
Team mate comparisons
Q1, Q2 and Q3

Qualifying results: table

Each driver’s starting position for every race.

Sebastian Vettel1.261111211123111112111
Lewis Hamilton3.5822343953102222431524
Mark Webber3.7933182134211635264242
Jenson Button4.4744265276573133323433
Fernando Alonso4.585555442434584556355
Felipe Massa5.7987610863545446645667
Nico Rosberg7.5379437767967597237776
Michael Schumacher10.3211111481058813109248881211810
Vitaly Petrov10.476810761010111491210718108161215
Adrian Sutil11.5816171112171414101188151291110898
Bruno Senna11.637101591514149
Paul di Resta11.6814148131613111261211171110129121011
Nick Heidfeld13.36186169241599161114
Kamui Kobayashi13.8491013241412131481713121717714171616
Sergio Perez14131612151216121510915111717201117
Jaime Alguersuari14.32121371713191818181616618161611101513
Sebastien Buemi14.58101291611161517192423111614151391314
Pastor Maldonado14.5815181714981215713172114131416132318
Rubens Barrichello14.8417151511191116131514151413121318152412
Pedro de la Rosa1717
Heikki Kovalainen18.1619191918151720191718181620191819181719
Jarno Trulli19.28202020191818192021191819201920191820
Karun Chandhok2020
Timo Glock20.7921212221202022212019201921212121221924
Jerome D’Ambrosio21.9522222123232124232221242022222022212123
Vitantonio Liuzzi22.352323202123212223232122242424232221
Daniel Ricciardo22.552422222323232224232022
Narain Karthikeyan23.132424222222232424

Qualifying results: graph


Sebastian Vettel1111211123111112111
Mark Webber33182134211635264242
Lewis Hamilton22343953102222431524
Jenson Button44265276573133323433
Fernando Alonso5555442434584556355
Felipe Massa87610863545446645667
Michael Schumacher11111481058813109248881211810
Nico Rosberg79437767967597237776
Nick Heidfeld186169241599161114
Vitaly Petrov6810761010111491210718108161215
Rubens Barrichello17151511191116131514151413121318152412
Pastor Maldonado15181714981215713172114131416132318
Adrian Sutil16171112171414101188151291110898
Paul di Resta14148131613111261211171110129121011
Kamui Kobayashi91013241412131481713121717714171616
Sergio Perez131612151216121510915111717201117
Sebastien Buemi101291611161517192423111614151391314
Jaime Alguersuari121371713191818181616618161611101513
Heikki Kovalainen19191918151720191718181620191819181719
Jarno Trulli202020191818192021191819201920191820
Narain Karthikeyan2424222222232424
Vitantonio Liuzzi2323202123212223232122242424232221
Timo Glock21212221202022212019201921212121221924
Jerome d’Ambrosio22222123232124232221242022222022212123
Pedro de la Rosa17
Daniel Ricciardo2422222323232224232022
Karun Chandhok20
Bruno Senna7101591514149

Team mate comparisons

DriverBeat team mateAverage gap to team mate
Heikki Kovalainen17-0.465s
Sebastian Vettel16-0.414s
Nico Rosberg16-0.366s
Fernando Alonso15-0.294s
Timo Glock14-0.339s
Vitantonio Liuzzi13-0.39s
Sebastien Buemi13-0.207s
Lewis Hamilton13-0.204s
Vitaly Petrov12-0.197s
Sergio Perez11+0.073s
Rubens Barrichello10+0.119s
Pastor Maldonado9-0.119s
Paul di Resta9-0.058s
Adrian Sutil9+0.058s
Kamui Kobayashi8-0.085s
Jenson Button6+0.204s
Jaime Alguersuari6+0.207s
Daniel Ricciardo5+0.15s
Jerome D’Ambrosio5+0.339s
Bruno Senna4-0.168s
Felipe Massa4+0.294s
Michael Schumacher3+0.366s
Mark Webber3+0.414s
Nick Heidfeld3+0.49s
Jarno Trulli2+0.445s
Pedro de la Rosa0+0.302s
Narain Karthikeyan0+0.562s
Karun Chandhok0+0.823s

Average gap to team mate: Compares their best times in the last part of qualifying where both set a time.

Q1, Q2 and Q3

DriverEliminated in Q1Eliminated in Q2Reached Q3
Sebastian Vettel0019
Mark Webber1018
Lewis Hamilton0019
Jenson Button0118
Fernando Alonso0019
Felipe Massa0019
Michael Schumacher1612
Nico Rosberg1018
Nick Heidfeld254
Vitaly Petrov1612
Rubens Barrichello3160
Pastor Maldonado2143
Adrian Sutil0118
Paul di Resta1135
Kamui Kobayashi3124
Sergio Perez0153
Sebastien Buemi2143
Jaime Alguersuari5113
Heikki Kovalainen1630
Jarno Trulli1800
Narain Karthikeyan900
Vitantonio Liuzzi1800
Timo Glock1900
Jerome D’Ambrosio1900
Pedro de la Rosa010
Daniel Ricciardo1100
Karun Chandhok100
Bruno Senna044


Qualifying PenaltiesTotal Qualifying Place Penalty
Sebastian Vettel00
Mark Webber00
Lewis Hamilton13
Jenson Button00
Fernando Alonso00
Felipe Massa00
Michael Schumacher00
Nico Rosberg00
Nick Heidfeld00
Vitaly Petrov15
Rubens Barrichello00
Pastor Maldonado215
Adrian Sutil00
Paul di Resta00
Kamui Kobayashi00
Sergio Perez13
Sebastien Buemi15
Jaime Alguersuari00
Heikki Kovalainen00
Jarno Trulli00
Narain Karthikeyan15
Vitantonio Liuzzi210
Timo Glock00
Jerome D’Ambrosio15
Pedro de la Rosa00
Daniel Ricciardo15
Karun Chandhok00
Bruno Senna00

Grid position penalties only, not time-deletion penalties.

10 comments on “2011 F1 statistics: Qualifying”

  1. You are really going deep with the statistics Keith. Love that beat team mate by for Maldonado being slower on average as Rubens failed to set a Q2 time.

  2. very interesting seeing hamiltons best qualifying in the first 2 races of the year, just another graph showing he hasnt made the most of the car he has this year. massa and alonso look the big improvers so far from early season qualifying form. petrov is going backwards and fast.

    1. What are you talking about??

      SO you think jenson has?!
      Its been clear as day that Hamilton is the one who has driven the socks off the car and pushed it further than its limits.

      Jenson on the other hand is the one who has underperformed in the car.

  3. these charts are great to look at! looking at the mclaren drivers, they have the same amount of points, but then seeing this chart makes them seem so much closer still, the same average qualifying position and the difference between their times is 0.016 seconds only! this is interesting because hamilton is the faster driver, but it shows that speed isnt enough in f1, you need strategy and need to avoid incidents.

    1. Yes but even with bad pitwall strategies and the extra incidents Lewis has had…he still is 12 points infront of his team mate who always plays safe.

      Now..if Lewis did not have the incidents and punishments..he would be way futher infront of jenson and the difference would be quite embaressing.

  4. kovaleinen, liuzzi and glocks huge average gap to teammates in qualifying is testament to them getting the best they can out of the cars the have.
    Rookie Di Restas huge average gap to his teammate in qualifying makes him the best qualifyer on the grid for me, so far this season.

    1. Liuzzi and Glock have less-experienced teammates. Kovalainen, however, is going up against Jarno Trulli. Of course, Paul di Resta is a rookie going up against Sutil. I think both of them are pretty good, and di Resta can only get better!

  5. These stats just underline how terrible Mark has been in the RB7. It’s sort of sad…

  6. Keith,

    You have shown Hamilton as qualifying fifth in India. Surely this should say second? Yes, he had a three place grid penalty demoting him to fifth, but he qualified second.

    1. The data reflects starting positions, not positions at the end of qualifying.

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