2011 British Grand Prix pit stops and tyres used

2011 British Grand Prix pit stops
2011 British Grand Prix pit stops

Stint 1Stint 2Stint 3Stint 4
Mark WebberIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Sebastian VettelIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Fernando AlonsoIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Felipe MassaIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Jenson ButtonIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Paul di RestaIntermediateSoftSoftHard
Pastor MaldonadoIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Kamui KobayashiIntermediateSoftSoft
Nico RosbergIntermediateSoftSoft
Lewis HamiltonIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Adrian SutilIntermediateSoftSoftSoft
Sergio PerezIntermediateSoftSoft
Michael SchumacherIntermediateSoftSoft
Vitaly PetrovIntermediateSoftSoft
Rubens BarrichelloIntermediateSoftSoft
Nick HeidfeldIntermediateSoftSoft
Heikki KovalainenIntermediate
Jaime AlguersuariIntermediateSoftSoft
Sebastien BuemiIntermediateSoftSoft
Timo GlockIntermediateSoftSoft
Jarno TrulliIntermediate
Jerome d’AmbrosioIntermediateSoftSoft
Vitantonio LiuzziIntermediateSoftSoft
Daniel RicciardoIntermediateSoftSoft

4 comments on “2011 British Grand Prix pit stops and tyres used”

  1. Didn’t Button do 4th 35-50m stint on another set of softs :-(
    And contrary to expectation, those Intermediates actually held up quite some laps.

    1. No, because he retired after his last pit stop.

      1. Yeah, was a bit of a joke with the 35 meter stint!

  2. Just mentally comparing this to Australia and it just seems a bit less chaotic. I guess it’s all relative but it seems the majority of teams have got on top of the tyre issue.

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