Jenson Button 2011 form guide

Jenson ButtonLewis Hamilton
Qualified ahead613
Average qualifying gap+0.204s
Finished race ahead77
Laps spent ahead445530

Qualifying gap

Gap in seconds between Jenson Button and his team mate in the last part of qualifying where both set a time, for each race.

A positive time means the driver was slower than his team mate, a negative time means they were faster:

Jenson Button0.4720000000000230.225999999999999-0.04200000000001580.3870.0350000000000108-1.283000000000020.2729999999999960.265000000000001-0.4780000000000231.153999999999980.04600000000002072.327000000000010.0519999999999925-0.00500000000002387-0.1419999999999960.3059999999999970.4760000000000130.00900000000000034-0.197000000000003

3 comments on “Jenson Button 2011 form guide”

  1. jenson button is a legend

  2. When he signed for McLaren he said because he wanted the motivation and challenge from competing head-to-head with Hamilton. He has done just that this year and came on top. I always had a great respect for him as a driver but he has grown and has done that what they say he would do this year, the rules of tyre management where just written for him. Still you have to do it. Well done Jenson and even better results next year.

  3. Jenson is the class act of this season. It was great to see him deliver solid results throughout, especially as his team mate imploded. It may be this year’s regulations suit his smooth, reliable style and temperament and certainly exposed in stark contrast the all or nothing nature of a still surprisingly immature Lewis. I look forward to next year, hoping there will more genuine opportunities for McLaren to compete head on with Red Bull.

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