Mark Webber 2011 form guide

Mark WebberSebastian Vettel
Qualified ahead316
Average qualifying gap+0.414s
Finished race ahead215
Laps spent ahead112918

Qualifying gap

Gap in seconds between Mark Webber and his team mate in the last part of qualifying where both set a time, for each race.

A positive time means the driver was slower than his team mate, a negative time means they were faster:

Mark Webber0.8660.3090000000000260.7940000000000110.405000000000015-0.2000000000000170.462999999999980.415000000000020.188000000000017-0.0319999999999823-0.1370000000000150.659000000000021.077999999999990.6970000000000030.3510000000000130.6900000000000120.4260000000000020.3299999999999980.3769999999999810.180999999999983

3 comments on “Mark Webber 2011 form guide”

  1. Laps spent ahead… Ouch! :(

  2. Totaly outclassed by Vettel, Mark seems a spent force this season.

  3. he seems rely unlucky..

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