Nick Heidfeld 2011 form guide

Nick HeidfeldAll 2011 team mates
Qualified ahead38
Average qualifying gap+0.49s
Finished race ahead52
Laps spent ahead237313

Qualifying gap

Gap in seconds between Nick Heidfeld and his team mate in the last part of qualifying where both set a time, for each race.

A positive time means the driver was slower than his team mate, a negative time means they were faster:

Nick Heidfeld1.696-0.1999999999999741.461999999999990.3630.398999999999987-0.0229999999999961-0.2869999999999921.071000000000010.2300000000000040.185999999999993

2 comments on “Nick Heidfeld 2011 form guide”

  1. I was hoping for more from Quick Nick. He has hardly set the world on fire.

  2. I too don’t quite understand the logic.
    Nick is ahead of Petrov in the points and has finished ahead of him 5 times. Yes he is slower in quali but faster in race pace so there is a balance.
    After an initial flash the team has sucked.
    The car has not been reliable, the exhaust system problematic, the thing has caught fire on more than one occasion and it is hardly Kick’s fault if that idiot from Toro Rosso has no clue where the front of his car is.
    They should leave him in the car for this round of upgrades at least to see how he gets on.
    Senna is driving on his name but if he is so good why was he dropped from his former team?
    If the car improves as anticipated and Senna drives with improved performance then the team will sell the idea it was Nick’s fault when he never got the car under him a team of this maturity should be able to deliver.
    If Nick was in a more competitive car it would be interesting to see where he would stand.
    Sad we are even talking about this anyway. IF Kubica comes back it is all redundant activity anyway since Petrov is racing on money supplied by others. Without that he wouldn’t have a seat.

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