2012 penalties index

RoundDriverTeamSessionAllegationIncident involvingOutcomeReasonNotes
01. AustraliaSergio PerezSauberQGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
01. AustraliaHeikki KovalainenCaterhamROvertook under the Safety CarFive-place grid drop
02. MalaysiaKimi RaikkonenLotusP2Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
02. MalaysiaNarain KarthikeyanHRTRCaused a collisionSebastian VettelDrive-through penalty
03. ChinaMichael SchumacherMercedesRUnsafe release€5,000 fine
03. ChinaLewis HamiltonMcLarenQGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
03. ChinaPedro de la RosaHRTQImpedingBruno SennaDriver reprimand
03. ChinaPastor MaldonadoWilliamsQImpedingHeikki KovalainenDriver reprimand
03. ChinaJean-Eric VergneToro RossoQParc ferme changesPit lane start
04. BahrainPastor MaldonadoWilliamsP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
04. BahrainMichael SchumacherMercedesRGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
04. BahrainNico RosbergMercedesRCaused another driver to leave the trackLewis HamiltonNo action taken
04. BahrainNico RosbergMercedesRCaused another driver to leave the trackFernando AlonsoNo action taken
05. SpainLewis HamiltonMcLarenQCar stopped on track after qualifyingExcluded
05. SpainMichael SchumacherMercedesRCaused a collisionBruno SennaFive-place grid drop
06. MonacoSergio PerezSauberRGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
06. MonacoPastor MaldonadoWilliamsRGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
06. MonacoPastor MaldonadoWilliamsP3Caused a collisionSergio PerezTen-place grid drop
07. CanadaPastor MaldonadoWilliamsRGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
08. EuropeBruno SennaWilliamsRCaused a collisionKamui KobayashiDrive-through penalty
08. EuropeNarain KarthikeyanHRTRPit lane speedingDrive-through penalty
08. EuropeKamui KobayashiSauberRCaused a collisionFelipe MassaFive-place grid drop
08. EuropeLewis HamiltonMcLarenRYellow flag speedingNo action taken
08. EuropeJean-Eric VergneToro RossoRCaused a collisionHeikki KovalainenTen-place grid drop, €25,000 fine
08. EuropePastor MaldonadoWilliamsRCaused a collisionLewis HamiltonDrive-through penalty
08. EuropeMichael SchumacherMercedesRYellow flag speedingNo action taken
09. Great BritainKamui KobayashiSauberP1Crossed the pit entry lineNo action taken
09. Great BritainKamui KobayashiSauberRUnsafe entry into pits€25,000 fine
09. Great BritainNico HulkenbergForce IndiaP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
09. Great BritainCharles PicMarussiaQGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
09. Great BritainPastor MaldonadoWilliamsRCaused a collisionSergio Perez€10,000 fine
10. GermanyVitaly PetrovCaterhamP1Used an incorrect tyre€2,500 fine
10. GermanyRomain GrosjeanLotusP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
10. GermanyNico RosbergMercedesP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
10. GermanyMark WebberRed BullP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
10. GermanySergio PerezSauberQImpedingFernando AlonsoFive-place grid drop
10. GermanyJenson ButtonMcLarenQCrossed the pit exit line€2,500 fine
10. GermanySebastian VettelRed BullRLeft the track and gained an advantageDrive-through penalty
11. HungaryMichael SchumacherMercedesRPit lane speedingDrive-through penalty
11. HungaryPastor MaldonadoWilliamsRCaused a collisionPaul di RestaDrive-through penalty
12. BelgiumMichael SchumacherMercedesP2Did not enter pit lane via pit entryNo action taken
12. BelgiumMark WebberRed BullP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
12. BelgiumSebastian VettelRed BullP3Performed practice start in pit lane€10,000 fine
12. BelgiumPastor MaldonadoWilliamsQImpedingNico HulkenbergThree-place grid drop
12. BelgiumKimi RaikkonenLotusQLeft the track and gained an advantageNo action taken
12. BelgiumNico RosbergMercedesQGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
12. BelgiumRomain GrosjeanLotusRCaused a collisionFernando AlonsoOne-race ban, €50,000 fine
12. BelgiumPastor MaldonadoWilliamsRJump startFive-place grid drop
12. BelgiumPastor MaldonadoWilliamsRCaused a collisionTimo GlockFive-place grid drop
12. BelgiumMark WebberRed BullRUnsafe releaseNo action taken
12. BelgiumMichael SchumacherMercedesRInvolved in an incidentSebastian VettelNo action taken
12. BelgiumHeikki KovalainenCaterhamRUnsafe release€10,000 fine
13. ItalyPaul di RestaForce IndiaP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
13. ItalySebastian VettelRed BullRCaused another driver to leave the trackFernando AlonsoDrive-through penalty
14. SingaporeCharles PicMarussiaP3Overtook under red flags20-second time penalty
14. SingaporePedro de la RosaHRTP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
14. SingaporeBruno SennaWilliamsP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
14. SingaporeMark WebberRed BullQLeft the trackDriver reprimand
14. SingaporeMark WebberRed BullQImpedingTimo GlockNo action taken
14. SingaporeMichael SchumacherMercedesRJean-Eric VergneJean-Eric VergneTen-place grid drop
14. SingaporeSebastian VettelRed BullRDriving erratically behind the Safety Car.No action taken
15. JapanCharles PicMarussiaP1Crossed the pit entry lineNo action taken
15. JapanJenson ButtonMcLarenP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
15. JapanCharles PicMarussiaP3Impeding€5,000 fine
15. JapanNico HulkenbergForce IndiaP3Gearbox changeFive-place grid drop
15. JapanJean-Eric VergneToro RossoQImpedingBruno SennaThree-place grid drop
15. JapanSebastian VettelRed BullQImpedingFernando AlonsoDriver reprimand
15. JapanRomain GrosjeanLotusRCaused a collisionMark WebberTen-second stop-go penalty
15. JapanBruno SennaWilliamsRCaused a collisionFelipe MassaDrive-through penalty
15. JapanVitaly PetrovCaterhamRIgnored blue flagsDrive-through penalty
16. South KoreaNico RosbergMercedesP1ImpedingPastor MaldonadoNo action taken
16. South KoreaMichael SchumacherMercedesP2ImpedingPedro de la RosaDriver reprimand
16. South KoreaCharles PicMarussiaP3Engine changeTen-place grid drop
16. South KoreaMichael SchumacherMercedesQUnsafe release€10,000 fine
16. South KoreaDaniel RicciardoToro RossoQGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
16. South KoreaKamui KobayashiSauberRCaused a collisionJenson ButtonDrive-through penalty
17. IndiaKamui KobayashiSauberRLeft the track and gained an advantagePastor MaldonadoNo action taken
17. IndiaKamui KobayashiSauberRCaused a collisionPastor MaldonadoNo action taken
17. IndiaMichael SchumacherMercedesRIgnored blue flagsNo action taken
18. Abu DhabiSergio PerezSauberQImpedingBruno SennaDriver reprimand
18. Abu DhabiSebastian VettelRed BullQCar stopped on track after qualifyingExcluded
18. Abu DhabiSebastian VettelRed BullQParc ferme changesPit lane start
18. Abu DhabiSergio PerezSauberRCaused a collisionRomain GrosjeanTen-second stop-go penalty
18. Abu DhabiPaul di RestaForce IndiaRInvolved in an incidentNico HulkenbergNo action taken
18. Abu DhabiNarain KarthikeyanHRTRCaused a collisionNico RosbergNo action taken
19. United StatesSergio PerezSauberP1ImpedingTimo GlockDriver reprimand
19. United StatesCharles PicCaterhamP3Caused a collisionSergio PerezNo action taken
19. United StatesRomain GrosjeanLotusQGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
19. United StatesMark WebberRed BullQDid not stop for weighingDriver reprimand
19. United StatesMichael SchumacherMercedesQInvolved in an incidentFernando AlonsoNo action taken
19. United StatesFelipe MassaFerrariQGearbox seal damagedFive-place grid drop
19. United StatesHeikki KovalainenCaterhamRInvolved in an incidentTimo GlockNo action taken
20. BrazilPastor MaldonadoWilliamsQAccrued three reprimandsTen-place grid drop
20. BrazilPastor MaldonadoWilliamsQDid not stop for weighingDriver reprimand
20. BrazilRomain GrosjeanLotusQInvolved in an incidentPedro de la RosaNo action taken
20. BrazilPedro de la RosaHRTQGearbox changeFive-place grid drop
20. BrazilNico HulkenbergForce IndiaRCaused a collisionLewis HamiltonDrive-through penalty