2012 F1 championship points

Drivers Points
Drivers Chart
Teams Points
Teams Chart

Drivers Points

Sebastian Vettel28118010258121201510121802525252515188
Fernando Alonso278102526181510251825100151501518181518
Kimi Raikkonen2076100181524181015181510881062581
Lewis Hamilton190151515441025040250250101120250
Jenson Button188250180200411882501812010121025
Mark Webber179121212120256122544800218150012
Felipe Massa122000208101202101241812861215
Romain Grosjean9600815120180801506062060
Nico Rosberg93002510618880110610000000
Sergio Perez6641800001520800181000000
Nico Hulkenberg6302001401002012006840410
Kamui Kobayashi6080101002001200201500802
Michael Schumacher49010100015660680000006
Paul di Resta46160806060001412000200
Pastor Maldonado450040250000000004001020
Bruno Senna3108600101206010001410
Jean-Eric Vergne1604000000000400040004
Daniel Ricciardo1020000000000202120100
Vitaly Petrov000000000000000000000
Timo Glock000000000000000000000
Charles Pic000000000000000000000
Heikki Kovalainen000000000000000000000
Jerome D’Ambrosio00
Narain Karthikeyan000000000000000000000
Pedro de la Rosa000000000000000000000

This chart shows drivers’ scores throughout the season. Use the controls below to show/hide different drivers.


Sebastian Vettel1818285361738585100110122140140165190215240255273281
Fernando Alonso10353743617686111129154164164179194194209227245260278
Kimi Raikkonen6161634495155738398116131141149157167173198206207
Lewis Hamilton15304549536388889292117117142142152153165165190190
Jenson Button2525434345454549506876101101119131131141153163188
Mark Webber1224364848737991116120124132132132134152167167167179
Felipe Massa0002210111123232535475169818995107122
Romain Grosjean0082335355353616176767682828890909696
Nico Rosberg00253541596775757677778393939393939393
Sergio Perez422222222223739394747476566666666666666
Nico Hulkenberg022237717171919313131374549495363
Kamui Kobayashi889919192121213333333535505050585860
Michael Schumacher011222217232929354343434343434349
Paul di Resta1771515212127272727283244444444464646
Pastor Maldonado004429292929292929292929333333434545
Bruno Senna08141414151516181824242525252526303131
Jean-Eric Vergne0444444444488881212121216
Daniel Ricciardo22222222222446799101010
Vitaly Petrov00000000000000000000
Timo Glock00000000000000000000
Charles Pic00000000000000000000
Heikki Kovalainen00000000000000000000
Jerome d’Ambrosio00000000000000000000
Narain Karthikeyan00000000000000000000
Pedro de la Rosa00000000000000000000

Teams points

Red Bull46030122237837181240141626025274340151820
Force India1091808110016020134126842410
Toro Rosso2624000000000602160104

This chart shows teams’ scores throughout the season. Use the controls below to show/hide different teams.

Teams chart


Red Bull304264101109146164176216230246272272297324367407422440460
Force India19917182828444446465963758189939599109
Toro Rosso26666666666121214152121222226

30 comments on “2012 F1 championship points”

  1. Poor Massa, heading up the also-rans. For the time being.

  2. I like how the new consistant hamilton has taken the early lead after three third place finishes. I think if he keeps up this consistnacy and maybe gains a few top 1st & 2nd finishes along the way then he could be in with a real shot at the championship.

    1. not if the team keeps screwing him over.

    2. He had some shots at the championship i think, well played @gambisk

      Reply moderated
  3. I think this graphs would be better if they started with everyone on 0 points after 0 rounds, instead of starting with standings after the first race.

    1. Races are entities and not intervals hence the presentation.

    2. It is quite odd having a graph displayed without a zero on the X scale, and it would look better if corrected, however f1fanatic have done a superb job with the stats on this page, so I’m not going to complain.

  4. Til now, a great campaign for Bruno Senna on his first oportunity to gain experience in F1.

  5. I want Vettel to win this year’s championship.

  6. Nice graph.
    Lotus improved dramatically in the last 2 races.

  7. really cant see toro rosso catching force india at all this season

  8. I’d really like to see Hamilton, Button and Di Resta all on the podium together, I hope Di Resta gets webber’s place on red bull next year because let’s face it, driving for force india isn’t helping him, but I doubt that will happen with promising new drivers that are proving themselves this year

    1. And the fact that Webber has re-signed to drive for Red Bull next year.

  9. The Williams line is looking very flat. It’s a shame Patrick Head’s no longer around, because someone needs to shout at Maldonado for throwing away a third place (it was more likely his than Hamilton’s)

    On speed alone they should be way more than one point ahead of Force India, but with FI’s recent improvement it should now be a real fight between those two, and maybe Sauber.

  10. martin whitemarsh…….might now be thinking,of the mistake which he has done by…..giving a contract extension to jenson button…..who is pseudo-talented driver.Instead a contract to kimi could be better for mclaren

    1. To be fair, when Martin re-signed JB he didn’t know Kimi wanted to return to F1. Had he, I’m sure he wouldv’e given it some thought.

      But, then he would have remembered how old Ron used to get annoyed with Kimi for refusing to attend PR and sponsor events and getting kicked out of strip clubs for being too wasted.

      Kimi was a great Mclaren driver but his personality prevented him from becoming the Mclaren darling they wanted him to be so when he left both he and the team were content with the situation.

    2. Last year people were saying the compelte opposite !

  11. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    9th July 2012, 14:14

    the other day I commented how i think Bruno Senna is better than Pastor for being the one who delivers points more consistently, despite MAL classifying better usually. n now it seems I was right after all, thanks to another Pastor’s typical race crash.

  12. Cruel irony how Mercedes are in no man’s land again but this time they’ve gone backwards – 5th place! It’s be nice to see where they would be had Schumacher finished his races. Possibly in the Ferrari/Lotus/McLaren tussle.

    1. Well, its no surprise when the team’s idea of updating the car is taking it back to Brackly and washing it.

      All this nonesense about trying to understand the tyres before bringing updates just wreaks of Mercedes-Benz freezing the R&D budget whilst they decide whether they’re quitting or not now that Bernie has refused to give them a seat on the Board when the floatation takes place.

  13. If you only select Hulkenberg and Maldonado, the first chart speaks volumes.

    1. @enigma worse ! Select Senna and Maldonado. The brazilian is just 6 points behind. Unbelievable.

  14. Very interesting how the constructors’ chart shows that we essentially have two divisions of four teams, followed by Torro Rosso and the other three.

    I get the feeling Mercedes really should have been up with the top four this year – presumably that’s Hamilton’s goal for next year. Sauber have also shown that they’re not far off bridging the gap too – they just need to get both cars running well consistently. Too often one car has done a stellar job while the other is nowhere to be seen.

  15. With all its faults, Romain might still end up in front of Massa, Perez and Rosberg as best of the rest. Not bad.

  16. Oh my, Williams is really paying the “pay driver” price. FI are destroying them with what has been for at least the first 10 races an inferior car.

  17. In the driver’s points graph, tick all the drivers and 2nd,3rd,4th row and Bruno Senna.. And observe Felipe Massa’s graph from the 8th race onwards ..

    1. Correction – 3rd, 4th and 5th row and bruno senna

  18. Can Hamilton still be 3rd at the championship ?

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