Bruno Senna 2012 form guide

Compare Bruno Senna‘s performance against his team mate throughout the 2012 F1 season.

Race finishing positions

Bruno Senna1667221017109177121018141510810
Team mate1319811312161513118141659

Performance comparison

Bruno SennaPastor Maldonado
Qualified ahead515
Average qualifying gap+0.559s
Finished race ahead77
Laps spent ahead382500

Qualifying gap

Gap in seconds between Bruno Senna and his team mate in the last part of qualifying where both set a time, for each race.

A positive time means the driver was slower than his team mate, a negative time means they were faster:

Bruno Senna0.4569999999999940.2519999999999950.00600000000000023-0.1730000000000021.6010.683000000000007-0.06099999999999280.6369999999999860.6240000000000242.0210.4039999999999961.307999999999990.2220000000000080.3149999999999840.5710000000000120.4190000000000110.3480000000000130.4229999999999880.5930000000000040.521000000000015

2 comments on “Bruno Senna 2012 form guide”

  1. I highly doubt it. He may be doing well in GP2. However, I still don’t think he has the maitreal to become an F1 driver yet. He needs more training and experience as the Formula One car is very different from other racing cars. I hope he learns to adapt to it though.

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