Daniel Ricciardo 2012 form guide

Compare Daniel Ricciardo‘s performance against his team mate throughout the 2012 F1 season.

Race finishing positions

Daniel Ricciardo9121715131411131315912910913101213
Team mate1181614121215141416813815128

Performance comparison

Daniel RicciardoJean-Eric Vergne
Qualified ahead155
Average qualifying gap-0.322s
Finished race ahead87
Laps spent ahead598436

Qualifying gap

Gap in seconds between Daniel Ricciardo and his team mate in the last part of qualifying where both set a time, for each race.

A positive time means the driver was slower than his team mate, a negative time means they were faster:


Daniel Ricciardo-0.109999999999999-0.658000000000001-0.780999999999977-1.025999999999970.177000000000007-1.00700000000001-1.05000000000001-0.278999999999982-0.587000000000003-0.2250000000000090.4509999999999930.188999999999993-0.129000000000005-0.0750000000000028-0.413999999999973-0.256-0.519000000000005-0.7780000000000060.680000000000021-0.0449999999999875

2 comments on “Daniel Ricciardo 2012 form guide”

  1. Keith, I think the current score in the qualifying battle is actually 13-3 to Ricciardo?

  2. As of Abu Dhabi qualifying it’s actually 14-3 qualifying score to Ricciardo, Vergne has not outqualified Ricciardo 4 times, only 3.

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