2012 F1 qualifying data

Qualifying results: table
Qualifying results: graph
Team mate comparisons
Q1, Q2 and Q3

Qualifying results: table

Each driver’s starting position for every race.

Lewis Hamilton4.3117224322871711933121
Sebastian Vettel5.0565111791142310531212414
Mark Webber5.855463111419281112117212233
Fernando Alonso6.112899253111165105645677
Jenson Button6.4522541012109166412481145122
Kimi Raikkonen7.4517104114812561053712757448
Romain Grosjean7.7436107347491928847119818
Nico Rosberg9.47715625611211323610139107179
Michael Schumacher9.6543222869123317134923101413513
Felipe Massa9.851612121416761351371431310668115
Pastor Maldonado10.8581113211242237586222121593916
Paul di Resta11.4515141510121481010912996111416121310
Nico Hulkenberg11.459161613131013814410112411158121066
Kamui Kobayashi11.61317312911117171215281731317151614
Sergio Perez12.2229885231515151714412145128111512
Bruno Senna14.25141314151713161413149171322161713141011
Daniel Ricciardo14.7101517615151417121118161415142115161815
Jerome D’Ambrosio1515
Jean-Eric Vergne16.651118181714161918231516151616191618171417
Heikki Kovalainen18.51824191619171716191619181719171920182220
Vitaly Petrov191919201818181820181820191818221819202119
Timo Glock20.4220202123211921202222201920182021211921
Charles Pic21.42121221920212323242021222021212424192022
Pedro de la Rosa21.8922232022202021212323212324202222222324
Narain Karthikeyan23.1623242423222422222424242123242323232423

Qualifying results: graph


Sebastian Vettel65111791142310531212414
Mark Webber5463111419281112117212233
Jenson Button22541012109166412481145122
Lewis Hamilton117224322871711933121
Fernando Alonso12899253111165105645677
Felipe Massa1612121416761351371431310668115
Michael Schumacher43222869123317134923101413513
Nico Rosberg7715625611211323610139107179
Kimi Raikkonen17104114812561053712757448
Romain Grosjean36107347491928847119818
Paul di Resta15141510121481010912996111416121310
Nico Hulkenberg9161613131013814410112411158121066
Kamui Kobayashi1317312911117171215281731317151614
Sergio Perez229885231515151714412145128111512
Daniel Ricciardo101517615151417121118161415142115161815
Jean-Eric Vergne1118181714161918231516151616191618171417
Pastor Maldonado81113211242237586222121593916
Bruno Senna141314151713161413149171322161713141011
Heikki Kovalainen1824191619171716191619181719171920182220
Vitaly Petrov1919201818181820181820191818221819202119
Pedro de la Rosa22232022202021212323212324202222222324
Narain Karthikeyan23242423222422222424242123242323232423
Timo Glock20202123211921202222201920182021211921
Charles Pic2121221920212323242021222021212424192022
Jerome d’Ambrosio15

Team mate comparisons

DriverBeat team mateAverage gap to team mate
Fernando Alonso18-0.329s
Pedro de la Rosa17-0.638s
Lewis Hamilton16-0.275s
Pastor Maldonado15-0.559s
Daniel Ricciardo15-0.322s
Timo Glock14-0.401s
Heikki Kovalainen13-0.212s
Sebastian Vettel12-0.11s
Nico Rosberg12+0.192s
Sergio Perez11-0.02s
Kimi Raikkonen11+0.036s
Nico Hulkenberg10-0.274s
Paul di Resta10+0.274s
Romain Grosjean9-0.073s
Kamui Kobayashi9+0.02s
Michael Schumacher8-0.192s
Mark Webber8+0.11s
Vitaly Petrov7+0.212s
Jerome D’Ambrosio7+0.666s
Charles Pic6+0.401s
Jean-Eric Vergne5+0.322s
Bruno Senna5+0.559s
Jenson Button4+0.275s
Narain Karthikeyan3+0.638s
Felipe Massa2+0.329s

Average gap to team mate: Compares their best times in the last part of qualifying where both set a time.

Q1, Q2 and Q3

DriverEliminated in Q1Eliminated in Q2Reached Q3
Sebastian Vettel0218
Mark Webber1316
Jenson Button1415
Lewis Hamilton0020
Fernando Alonso0218
Felipe Massa01010
Michael Schumacher1712
Nico Rosberg1514
Kimi Raikkonen1316
Romain Grosjean1216
Paul di Resta0137
Nico Hulkenberg1109
Kamui Kobayashi1136
Sergio Perez1127
Daniel Ricciardo2162
Jean-Eric Vergne8120
Pastor Maldonado0713
Bruno Senna3161
Heikki Kovalainen1820
Vitaly Petrov2000
Pedro de la Rosa2000
Narain Karthikeyan2000
Timo Glock2000
Charles Pic2000
Jerome D’Ambrosio010


Qualifying PenaltiesTotal Qualifying Place Penalty
Sebastian Vettel10
Mark Webber210
Jenson Button15
Lewis Hamilton25
Fernando Alonso00
Felipe Massa15
Michael Schumacher320
Nico Rosberg210
Kimi Raikkonen15
Romain Grosjean210
Paul di Resta15
Nico Hulkenberg210
Kamui Kobayashi15
Sergio Perez315
Daniel Ricciardo15
Jean-Eric Vergne213
Pastor Maldonado848
Bruno Senna15
Heikki Kovalainen15
Vitaly Petrov00
Pedro de la Rosa210
Narain Karthikeyan00
Timo Glock00
Charles Pic215
Jerome D’Ambrosio00

Grid position penalties only, not time-deletion penalties.

6 comments on “2012 F1 qualifying data”

  1. webber is back to where he was in 2010 in terms of his average gap to vettel. They were the closest matched team mates that year and currently on course for the same.

    maybe 2011 was just a blip – i can’t imagine vettel getting worse since then and though it is possible webber has re-discovered his mojo, it seems more likely that he just couldn’t get the hang of the blow diffuser. i think we can rule out sabotage on the part of helmut marko….

  2. Its interesting if you ignore the penalties, the average qualifying position are the following:
    1. Hamilton 2.92
    2. Vettel 5
    3. Alonso 6.31
    4. Button 6.38
    5. Grosjean 6.42
    6. Webber 6.69
    7. Raikkonen 7.08
    8. Schumacher 7.38
    9. Rosberg 7.92
    10. Maldonado 8.69
    11. Kobayashi 10.15
    12. Massa 10.62
    13. di Resta 10.92
    14. Perez 11.69
    15. Hulkenberg 12.31
    16. Ricciardo 13.85
    17. Senna 14
    18. Vergne 15.85
    19. Kovalainen 17.69
    20. Petrov 18.69
    21. Glock 20.67
    22. Pic 20.92
    23. de la Rosa 21.58
    24. Karthikeyan 23.08

    Notice Maldonado and Perez lose the most of penalties and Lewis is leading by a large margin at the front.

    1. P.S. Hamilton qualifying postion also ignores the disqualification in spain.

    2. I like very much the fact that on the above table Raikkonen loses to Grosjean as much as Rosberg to Schumi. And think that nowadays Raikkonen is thought to be very quick and Schumi slow because of his age. Just remember that we talk about speed and nothing else. As Ham vs JB comparison shows…

      1. I still don’t understand why people say Schumi is slow. The only races where Rosberg was beating Schumacher in the same situation were China (where Schumacher would have finished second if not for the pitstop failure), Spain, Canada, Hungary and Singapore.
        In Australia, Malaysia, Monaco, Valencia, Silverstone, Germany and Italy Schumacher was faster than Rosberg.

  3. If you take into consideration the ability of the cars they are driving then you would have to say Maldonado has the best record here. Oh no wait he is a totally useless pay driver and should be banned

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