2012 F1 race data

Laps per position
Started and finished
Laps led
Position change on lap one

Laps per position

Sebastian Vettel36813813817880794620291219176133254121100
Mark Webber66152501477710113088824665351619117193541700
Jenson Button13611918868897158543530282130823329145861000
Lewis Hamilton22915616791111505445262699751196143121400
Fernando Alonso21613624717812863355223682100000000000
Felipe Massa17831131108140747511578454351424534212481092310
Michael Schumacher01740184661877640869192733531315351628136732
Nico Rosberg486619278466658376138935170336219126495000
Kimi Raikkonen44115110108177162140635272692324173324300000
Romain Grosjean4908275415179815726162091620117222032718181
Paul di Resta13941424763651089618518111693421641536090
Nico Hulkenberg302615256742841051341249862587439412291241102
Kamui Kobayashi01437294488485912560835778656668352231961810
Sergio Perez125519244058897657448572775450452726441129
Daniel Ricciardo00161023193883796814613616114577926014115010
Jean-Eric Vergne00225113563455852941059514211310735352773111
Pastor Maldonado372737423760305746655379100716444361228106200
Bruno Senna0002417528754122841225511010037562630272761521
Heikki Kovalainen00002211292019103509024118618312232477279
Vitaly Petrov0000001115101336648410421019217679279195
Pedro de la Rosa000000001003001236777711310822215111612
Narain Karthikeyan000000001621191218113611886117234125120
Timo Glock000000220141515397810684202139150911004228
Charles Pic00000001012111732215111012019225914455431
Jerome D’Ambrosio00000000000146201124500000

Started and finished

Sebastian Vettel201918
Mark Webber201816
Jenson Button201815
Lewis Hamilton201514
Fernando Alonso201818
Felipe Massa201917
Michael Schumacher201311
Nico Rosberg201716
Kimi Raikkonen202019
Romain Grosjean191210
Paul di Resta201916
Nico Hulkenberg201816
Kamui Kobayashi201614
Sergio Perez201413
Daniel Ricciardo201915
Jean-Eric Vergne201611
Pastor Maldonado201510
Bruno Senna201813
Heikki Kovalainen20193
Vitaly Petrov20172
Pedro de la Rosa19151
Narain Karthikeyan19120
Timo Glock19182
Charles Pic20152
Jerome D’Ambrosio111

Classified: Completed at least 90% of race distance
Completed: Completed entire race distance

Laps led

Full season laps ledDriver’s season laps led
Sebastian Vettel368/1192 (30.87%)368/1162 (31.67%)
Mark Webber66/1192 (5.54%)66/1131 (5.84%)
Jenson Button136/1192 (11.41%)136/1105 (12.31%)
Lewis Hamilton229/1192 (19.21%)229/1045 (21.91%)
Fernando Alonso216/1192 (18.12%)216/1095 (19.73%)
Felipe Massa1/1192 (0.08%)1/1178 (0.08%)
Michael Schumacher0/1192 (0%)0/966 (0%)
Nico Rosberg48/1192 (4.03%)48/1036 (4.63%)
Kimi Raikkonen44/1192 (3.69%)44/1191 (3.69%)
Romain Grosjean4/1192 (0.34%)4/803 (0.5%)
Paul di Resta1/1192 (0.08%)1/1136 (0.09%)
Nico Hulkenberg30/1192 (2.52%)30/1075 (2.79%)
Kamui Kobayashi0/1192 (0%)0/1043 (0%)
Sergio Perez12/1192 (1.01%)12/931 (1.29%)
Daniel Ricciardo0/1192 (0%)0/1175 (0%)
Jean-Eric Vergne0/1192 (0%)0/1048 (0%)
Pastor Maldonado37/1192 (3.1%)37/943 (3.92%)
Bruno Senna0/1192 (0%)0/1054 (0%)
Heikki Kovalainen0/1192 (0%)0/1153 (0%)
Vitaly Petrov0/1192 (0%)0/1036 (0%)
Pedro de la Rosa0/1192 (0%)0/928 (0%)
Narain Karthikeyan0/1192 (0%)0/897 (0%)
Timo Glock0/1192 (0%)0/1098 (0%)
Charles Pic0/1192 (0%)0/1060 (0%)
Jerome D’Ambrosio0/1192 (0%)0/53 (0%)

Full season laps led: How many laps a driver led compared to the total laps raced this year
Driver’s season laps led: How many laps a driver led compared to the total laps they have completed this year

Position change on lap one

Timo Glock+2.47+47
Heikki Kovalainen+2.05+41
Narain Karthikeyan+1.84+35
Fernando Alonso+1.67+30
Charles Pic+1.4+28
Pedro de la Rosa+1.39+25
Nico Hulkenberg+1.28+23
Felipe Massa+1+20
Jean-Eric Vergne+0.85+17
Vitaly Petrov+0.84+16
Kimi Raikkonen+0.7+14
Sergio Perez+0.78+14
Jenson Button+0.21+4
Lewis Hamilton+0.11+2
Jerome D’Ambrosio00
Daniel Ricciardo-0.1-2
Pastor Maldonado-0.11-2
Nico Rosberg-0.16-3
Bruno Senna-0.16-3
Michael Schumacher-0.4-8
Paul di Resta-0.4-8
Sebastian Vettel-0.7-14
Kamui Kobayashi-1.05-21
Mark Webber-1.15-23
Romain Grosjean-2.76-47

Negative: Places lost; Positive: Places gained

7 comments on “2012 F1 race data”

  1. Just out of interest, when do you classify the start as having ended?

    1. Oops
      just read the title properly

  2. I am looking to get some stats on pit times for the teams. Any idea where I can get these from?

      1. Awesome! Thank you.

  3. Where can I find the lap time data for Brazilian Gp this year

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