Sergio Perez 2013 F1 season form guide

Compare Sergio Perez‘s performance against his team mate throughout the 2013 F1 season.

Race finishing positions

Sergio Perez1191169161120891112810155976
Team mate917510861213676107891412104

Performance comparison

Sergio PerezJenson Button
Qualified ahead109
Average qualifying gap+0.24s
Finished race ahead613
Laps spent ahead488624

Qualifying gap

Gap in seconds between Sergio Perez and his team mate in the last part of qualifying where both set a time, for each race.

A positive time means the driver was slower than his team mate, a negative time means they were faster:

Sergio Perez3.255999999999990.9609999999999990.5299999999999870.212000000000003-0.564999999999984-0.509-0.3069999999999880.4329999999999790.664000000000001-0.2319999999999850.662999999999997-0.0129999999999910.25500000000001-0.003000000000000110.150999999999996-0.333999999999975-0.388000000000005-0.177000000000007-0.0390000000000157

4 comments on “Sergio Perez 2013 F1 season form guide”

  1. This media tendency against Pérez is like Fox News when Obama became president.

    1. The results speak for themselves.

      1. Damion, you’re right. The results speak for themselves. Statistics are cold as ice. But looking at qualifying results, after 18 races they have shared the results, 9 for Jenson, 9 for Button. They talk a lot about Jenson’s 10-year experience advantage over Checo but at least in Qualy you can’t see that. Yes, in races Jenson has taken 2/3 of the results, but less than that would be totally unacceptable for him considering not only his 10-year experience advantage over Checo in F1, but also a 3-year experience advantage over Checo in McLaren. Checo is not the best driver on the grid, might not be the best in his age group either, that’s no secret, but I still think McLaren have been a bit too harsh on him saying he hasn’t performed well this year. It’s no secret this year’s MP4-28 is poor.

        1. Haha… about qualifying I meant 9 for Jenson and 9 for Checo… man it looked pretty bad, trying to defend Checo and then I write “9 for Jenson and 9 for Button”, looked sarcastic even haha.

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