2014 F1 championship points

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Drivers Chart
Teams Points
Teams Chart

Drivers Points

Lewis Hamilton38402525252518018251515025252525251850
Nico Rosberg31725181818182518250251218180181818250
Daniel Ricciardo23800121215152541582525101512615024
Valtteri Bottas18610446100615181841512081510130
Sebastian Vettel16701581012015010126108181546108
Fernando Alonso161121221581281081018601208884
Felipe Massa13406600601200100151060121536
Jenson Button12615800081201241840101201220
Nico Hulkenberg96810108110102460102400416
Kevin Magnussen55182000126620011010420
Kimi Raikkonen5560146011008122402062
Sergio Perez59101522008010466110012
Jean-Eric Vergne224000004010200820100
Romain Grosjean80000440000000000000
Daniil Kvyat82101000020020000000
Pastor Maldonado20000000000000000200
Jules Bianchi2000002000000000
Adrian Sutil00000000000000000000
Marcus Ericsson00000000000000000
Esteban Gutierrez00000000000000000000
Max Chilton00000000000000000
Kamui Kobayashi00000000000000000
Will Stevens00

Work out how the championship could be decided using the F1 Fanatic Points Calculator:

This chart shows drivers’ scores throughout the season. Use the controls below to show/hide different drivers.


Lewis Hamilton00255075100118118136161176191191216241266291316334384
Nico Rosberg02543617997122140165165190202220238238256274292317317
Daniel Ricciardo00012243954798398106131156166181193199214214238
Valtteri Bottas01014182434344055739195110122122130145155156186
Sebastian Vettel001523334545606070828898106124139143149159167
Fernando Alonso012242641496169798797115121121133133141149157161
Felipe Massa00612121218183030304040556571718398134
Jenson Button01523232323314343555960687272829494106126
Nico Hulkenberg08182836374757596369697070727676768096
Kevin Magnussen018202020202123293537373738393949535555
Kimi Raikkonen066711171718191919273941454547475355
Sergio Perez0111618202020282829293339454647474759
Jean-Eric Vergne04444448899111111192121222222
Romain Grosjean00000488888888888888
Daniil Kvyat02334444466688888888
Pastor Maldonado00000000000000000222
Jules Bianchi00000022222222222222
Adrian Sutil00000000000000000000
Marcus Ericsson00000000000000000000
Esteban Gutierrez00000000000000000000
Max Chilton00000000000000000000
Kamui Kobayashi00000000000000000000
Will Stevens00000000000000000000

Teams points

Red Bull405015202227154042520313518332710211032
Force India15591025103101010470568510428
Toro Rosso306101004030220820100

This chart shows teams’ scores throughout the season. Use the controls below to show/hide different teams.

Teams chart


Red Bull001535578499139143168188219254272305332342363373405
Force India0919445457677787919898103109117122123123127155
Toro Rosso067788812121515171919272929303030

Last updated after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

21 comments on “2014 F1 championship points”

  1. Hi Keith.
    Daniel Ricciardo is missing on the drivers chart.

  2. Me Lello Jelo
    7th April 2014, 3:52

    Can you add Bahrain tally to this page. seems SFI made an interesting jump.

  3. wideangle123
    8th April 2014, 13:37

    Nice charts.

    Can you start the X-Axis at race ‘0’ (where all the drivers/teams have 0 points) instead of race ‘1’? Will help to see how they all trend from the nothing rather than from their points after the first race.

    1. What would be the reason to know everyone has 0 points before the first race? Let alone show it in a graph?

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        21st May 2014, 14:52

        just to make the chart more visible-friendly.

    2. @rcrc @soundscape Thanks for the suggestion guys, I’ve now incorporated this change.

      1. wideangle123
        14th May 2014, 14:29

        Thank-you, appreciated!

  4. Hi Keith,
    best graphs on the internets and I often come to see them as season goes along. I dont know if it feasible, but it will be interesting to be able to see the let’s say last three race performance or perhaps have the races that are shown selectable. That would allow visualization on the recent performance and easy analysis of “what if” scenarios.

    Anyways, thats my 2 cents. Keep up the great work!

  5. I think Mercs will win the championship even before Japan GP

  6. Shouldn’t Austria be AUT and not AUS?

  7. Until I saw this chart, I hadn’t fully realised that Sauber haven’t scored a point so far this year . . .

  8. I also think Austria should be abbreviated to AUT, less confusing.

  9. Alonso and Hulkenberg the only two to have scored points in every round so far.

  10. Ben (@scuderia29)
    21st July 2014, 16:47

    the difference between alonso and raikkonen is just 0.o
    and people thought raikkonen was gonna take it to alonso this year lol

  11. @keithcollantine could you please update the points calculator to reflect the results of the Hungarian Grand Prix?


  12. @keithcollantine thanks for the points calculator, its super useful! Any chance you can get the constructor championship points to update as well ?

  13. Does 11th place at Abu Dhabi also count double?

    At the moment (before USGP) Sauber have two 11th places and a 12th.
    Caterham have one 11th but no 12ths.
    If a Caterham (somehow) nabbed 11th at Abu Dhabi, would that count double, and give them 10th in the Constructors’, and the untold riches that come with it?

  14. These charts may well be the best on the web, thanks very much for producing them.

  15. Wow, Williams double-points spike is the first thing that leaps off the page at me.

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