Jenson Button 2014 form guide

Compare Jenson Button‘s performance against his team mate throughout the 2014 F1 season.

Race finishing positions

Jenson Button361711116411481068541245
Team mate291312109779121210101458911

Performance comparison

Jenson ButtonKevin Magnussen
Qualified ahead109
Average qualifying gap+0.165s
Finished race ahead143
Laps spent ahead733369

Qualifying gap

Gap in seconds between Jenson Button and his team mate in the last part of qualifying where both set a time, for each race.

A positive time means the driver was slower than his team mate, a negative time means they were faster:

Jenson Button1.189999999999981.83999999999999-0.324999999999989-0.712000000000003-0.1099999999999990.379000000000005-0.09600000000000360.306999999999988-0.2169999999999990.405000000000015-0.08299999999999841.096999999999980.06500000000001190.2430000000000090.0749999999999886-0.507999999999996-0.0510000000000019-0.0389999999999873-0.323000000000022

8 comments on “Jenson Button 2014 form guide”

  1. Perez did come from another team in F1 and had experience. The car he had to adapt to was very similar to the one he drove the year before. This wasn’t the case with Magnussen at all. I expected more from Magussen I must admit, after all he was the one who had beaten my countryman Vandoorne to the FR3.5 title. But the big question, for me, McLaren have to ask themself is do we go for a potential superb future (Magnussen) or for a certain good ’15-’16 (Button). I think both deserve to be in F1 at least another year but in the end I’d have them both make way for Vandoorne. :)

    1. Magnussen has not been very impressive this year except in Australia that I can think of.

      Looking at the race stats, which are the only ones which matter, it does not reflect well on him.

      Fair enough if he was finishing right behind Jenson but for a lot of the races he is quite a few positions down.

      I think McLaren must keep Jenson over Magnussen which is a shame for Kevin but he has not really shone.

      1. Kevins problem seems to be tire management. His one lap pace is fast. But Button gets a lot more out of the tires it looks like. I’m hoping experience will help him get more out of the tires. But he might not even get the chance.

        I’m afraid mclaren is considering Alonso/Vandoorne for 2015

        1. Alonso Vandoorne that will be the most… That will be taking their pants down for Alonso. Will be like Alonso when came to Ferrari; Kimi out (they rehire him 5 years more late…) Massa in because Santander. And Alonso and Santander taking control of all decisions in Ferrari team, with all the power to sack the people they didnt want like Dyer, Dominicalli, the engines responsable, the aerodynamist boss, …. Montezemolo too, Mattiaci, …. 50% of team out because Alonso wanted… If McLaren takes that approach and gives absolut control of team decisions they will go down and down, from 5 in team classification to 7.

  2. Emil Krejberg (@)
    28th November 2014, 9:22

    I dont think that’s the case. Vandoorne is a mega talent but I don’t think mclaren would take in another rookie again – not yet at least. In a few years Alonso will either retire or join Mercedes and at that point the mclaren lineup should be magnussen vandoorne…! Magnussen needs more experience then he’ll shine! People need to give him a chance as he’s not a bad driver but his race pace/tire management needs work

    1. Emil Krejberg (@)
      28th November 2014, 9:28

      Try to look at bottas… He was not the most expressive in 2013 but has really shown his potential in 2014

  3. Bottas is a good driver, top talent, top driver capable of winning world championships? probably not. He may be arrives to the league of Rosberg, Webber. But top league i think he hasnt talent enough. But he is a good driver with a good car, so good results came this year.

  4. Its clear that Button wont continue in McLaren not official yet, just wait a few days, and Button will say by himself, or McLaren will announce first. But Jenson doesnt continue in the team, not becuase his results, because of Alonso influence, the matter of money (Alonso will earn tons of money) so they cannot have a second driver that earns good money too. So a younger with less contract money and more flexible to accept a support role is great for Alonso and in terms of economy to McLaren. But in term of sport results and evolution of car will be a disaster fire your best driver capable of saying whats good and whats bad of new Honda engine. Two rookies on team will be a disaster. Alonso no references of this year McLaren, and Magnussen no expeirence in cars development.

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