2014 F1 race data

Laps per position
Started and finished
Laps led
Position change on lap one

Laps per position

How many laps each driver spent in each position during the season.

Sebastian Vettel18212511216994711044041621181717914221123
Daniel Ricciardo7271231187926310055554437351211714711000
Lewis Hamilton49532583461921231312743217111020
Nico Rosberg48335961433110171154625331223830
Fernando Alonso32418618321416114369623719113310010000
Kimi Raikkonen0946196386921481391451009758291271910600
Romain Grosjean00012481428263779751541121199181442417181
Pastor Maldonado00000193312322710060191107665683461482
Jenson Button185912378157152111996811260522274120310
Kevin Magnussen06603072157102641109873901085138205581040
Nico Hulkenberg5613109961468515110561671053426194211000
Sergio Perez111951292635456510012513366264526522943100
Adrian Sutil00000255103077731001199815073472526710
Esteban Gutierrez001010012333851581021352329281151844200
Jean-Eric Vergne01001042496401001068811015461363048171210312
Daniil Kvyat02384131838102149134104998959533182512
Felipe Massa304117187138517690392260243433179839570
Valtteri Bottas4155144146102123931009067312987110000000
Jules Bianchi0001002501511261552123911161428653151
Max Chilton000000000100349578714111916480671
Kamui Kobayashi0000000023511553059122122121676240
Marcus Ericsson00000000007231220397689119961247732
Andre Lotterer0000000000000000010000
Will Stevens0000000000000002141817300

Started and finished

How many races each driver started, was classified in (covered more than 90% of race distance) and completed (covered 100% of race distance).

Sebastian Vettel191616
Daniel Ricciardo191617
Lewis Hamilton191616
Nico Rosberg191716
Fernando Alonso191717
Kimi Raikkonen191812
Romain Grosjean19132
Pastor Maldonado19134
Jenson Button191813
Kevin Magnussen191812
Nico Hulkenberg191715
Sergio Perez18159
Adrian Sutil19122
Esteban Gutierrez19131
Jean-Eric Vergne191410
Daniil Kvyat19146
Felipe Massa191612
Valtteri Bottas191817
Jules Bianchi15121
Max Chilton16131
Kamui Kobayashi1591
Marcus Ericsson16111
Andre Lotterer100
Will Stevens110

Laps led

How many laps a driver led as a percentage of all the racing laps during the season (full season laps led) and of all the racing laps covered by that driver (driver’s season laps led).

DriverFull season laps ledDriver’s season laps led
Sebastian Vettel1/1134 (0.09%)1/970 (0.1%)
Daniel Ricciardo72/1134 (6.35%)72/1095 (6.58%)
Lewis Hamilton495/1134 (43.65%)495/1048 (47.23%)
Nico Rosberg483/1134 (42.59%)483/1062 (45.48%)
Fernando Alonso32/1134 (2.82%)32/1066 (3%)
Kimi Raikkonen0/1134 (0%)0/1076 (0%)
Romain Grosjean0/1134 (0%)0/953 (0%)
Pastor Maldonado0/1134 (0%)0/847 (0%)
Jenson Button1/1134 (0.09%)1/1120 (0.09%)
Kevin Magnussen0/1134 (0%)0/1111 (0%)
Nico Hulkenberg5/1134 (0.44%)5/1036 (0.48%)
Sergio Perez11/1134 (0.97%)11/891 (1.23%)
Adrian Sutil0/1134 (0%)0/857 (0%)
Esteban Gutierrez0/1134 (0%)0/933 (0%)
Jean-Eric Vergne0/1134 (0%)0/971 (0%)
Daniil Kvyat0/1134 (0%)0/924 (0%)
Felipe Massa30/1134 (2.65%)30/954 (3.14%)
Valtteri Bottas4/1134 (0.35%)4/1110 (0.36%)
Jules Bianchi0/1134 (0%)0/754 (0%)
Max Chilton0/1134 (0%)0/769 (0%)
Kamui Kobayashi0/1134 (0%)0/663 (0%)
Marcus Ericsson0/1134 (0%)0/714 (0%)
Andre Lotterer0/1134 (0%)0/1 (0%)
Will Stevens0/1134 (0%)0/54 (0%)

Position change on lap one

How many places a driver gained (positive) or lost (negative) on the first lap of every race, on average.

Esteban Gutierrez+1.89+36
Nico Hulkenberg+1.74+33
Pastor Maldonado+1.33+24
Marcus Ericsson+1.44+23
Kamui Kobayashi+1.57+22
Max Chilton+1.07+16
Felipe Massa+0.88+14
Fernando Alonso+0.68+13
Kimi Raikkonen+0.67+12
Lewis Hamilton+0.37+7
Jenson Button+0.37+7
Sebastian Vettel+0.32+6
Andre Lotterer+3+3
Sergio Perez+0.12+2
Valtteri Bottas+0.05+1
Jules Bianchi+0.07+1
Will Stevens-3-3
Adrian Sutil-0.44-8
Kevin Magnussen-0.68-13
Daniil Kvyat-0.79-15
Romain Grosjean-0.79-15
Nico Rosberg-1.26-24
Jean-Eric Vergne-1.32-25
Daniel Ricciardo-1.32-25

Last updated after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

6 comments on “2014 F1 race data”

  1. Me Lello Jelo
    7th April 2014, 3:59

    Great way to show stats with the table of driver position per lap.

  2. Nico Roseberg 0 ? Bahrain

    1. he gained 2 in australia if memory serves, and lost another 1 in china?

  3. Who won the ‘Superprix’? I.e. covered the most miles?

    1. Button, followed by Magnussen iirc.

      1. Actually, you can not see it on number of laps.
        Button retired twice, but near the end of the race but also got lapped a couple of times.
        Magnussen retired in Bahrein good for 90km to be missed and been lapped also.
        Bottas only missed a few laps in Monaco roughly 76km, but as far as I know was never lapped. Still think Button covered the most distance but between him and Bottas will probably only be a few km difference. Maybe even down to a few 100 meters.

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