2014 F1 retirements and penalties



DriverAccidentTechnical failureNCDQDNQDNSW
Sebastian Vettel0300000
Daniel Ricciardo0201000
Lewis Hamilton0300000
Nico Rosberg0200000
Fernando Alonso0200000
Kimi Raikkonen1000000
Romain Grosjean1500000
Pastor Maldonado0600000
Jenson Button0010000
Kevin Magnussen0100000
Nico Hulkenberg1100000
Sergio Perez3000010
Adrian Sutil4300000
Esteban Gutierrez3300000
Jean-Eric Vergne0500000
Daniil Kvyat0500000
Felipe Massa3000000
Valtteri Bottas0100000
Jules Bianchi1110000
Max Chilton2100000
Kamui Kobayashi1500010
Marcus Ericsson1400000
Andre Lotterer0100000
Will Stevens0000000

NC: Not classified (did not complete more than 90% of the race distance)
DQ: Disqualified
DNQ: Did not qualify
DNS: Did not start
W: Withdrawn


DriverPenalties due to driverPenalties due to teamNo action
Pastor Maldonado641
Esteban Gutierrez632
Kevin Magnussen415
Jean-Eric Vergne541
Romain Grosjean440
Daniel Ricciardo151
Jules Bianchi520
Marcus Ericsson511
Sebastian Vettel132
Fernando Alonso213
Max Chilton330
Sergio Perez302
Nico Hulkenberg211
Adrian Sutil301
Daniil Kvyat121
Kamui Kobayashi112
Lewis Hamilton120
Nico Rosberg102
Felipe Massa102
Valtteri Bottas210
Jenson Button110
Kimi Raikkonen100
Andre Lotterer000
Will Stevens000

14 comments on “2014 F1 retirements and penalties”

  1. Any chance of having a penalty points tracker added to this page, so we can see driver progress towards the one-race ban?

      1. Would it be possible for us to know when the penalty points were awarded, e.g. 2 points on 12th October 2014 (and when they expire)? This could be useful for next year and beyond when a previous year’s points are still valid.

  2. Interesting to see that the first three drivers to receive penalty points are ones who either made their debut last season or this season. Although Bianchi’s points from what I have heard are a bit unnecessary.

  3. Oooo I wonder who will win the penalty points championship

  4. At this rate all point takers so far will have a race ban.

  5. @keithcollantine What about Jenson’s retirement?

    1. @optimaxmal, he was classiefied as +2laps.

  6. Nerrticus Prime
    17th April 2014, 14:26

    Exciting times for Marussia…they’re leading the Constructors Championship!

    (Granted, its for penalty points but still…)

  7. any chance of having each gp listed with penaltys and retirements for each?

  8. Jenson had a retirement due to Technical failure in Singapore.

  9. Horner said that thanks to Mercedes’ “shocking” reliability they are still in the title fight. well looking at the above stats, there is not much difference between Red Bull and Mercedes in that respect. perhaps the Mercedes retirements are more noticeable because they usually happen when the cars are leading the race. to be honest i dont remember at which race Vettel had his retirements. apart from the last few races he had a very anonymous season, with Riciardo in the spotlight. Vettel seems to get noticed only when he is being overtaken by his team mate towards the end of the race usually.

    The SKy and BBC commentary is very good, and we get information about things that are not on the screen. But in many other countries (eg Czech republic) the commentators are clueless and often even get things wrong that are right in front of them. In the last race they were completely oblivious to the fact that Hamilton had to make up more than 27-29 seconds to be able to pit and come infront of Alonso and the red Bulls. This is what made the last part of the race exciting. But the Czech commentators had no clue. They never mentioned that the Red Bulls and Alonso are trying to go to the end (not even able to translate the radio messages to the audience). They were saying how the Mercedes is dominating this race with a huge lead. Only once Hamilton was exiting the pitlane behind Vettel did they start shouting OMG. Sad really.

  10. To include Ricciardo’s retirement in Mlaysia as a technical retirement is somewhat dishonest. That was a tactical retirement as his team had screwed his race already and he was a lap down. And Hamilton’s retirement in Belgium is also due to accident (or tactical if you like). Both had cars to take them to the end but there was no point…

  11. Can these numbers be found on any official site somewhere?
    (like fia, f1, fom)

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