Japanese Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Practice for the Japanese Grand Prix got underway today with Red Bull topping both sessions.

Sebastian Vettel led way sporting – yes, you guessed it – another new helmet design, this time with a Japanese flavour.

Home driver Kamui Kobayashi’s helmet also has a new look. See below for more pictures of practice at Suzuka.

2010 Japanese Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “Japanese Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. Thanks for the pictures Keith.

      I like this one (Vettel’s helmet). Btw the first Japanese word written there is “翼”, which means Wings. I can’t read the rest, but I hereby infer that it’s saying “Gives you wings” :)

      1. Apparently it does, yes.

    2. I would love to have a close view of the Mclaren’s new front wing.

    3. Love Kob’s helmet, really goes with the car too.

    4. Looks like Kobayashi sports a new helmet design here as well. Not sure i like how much white it has though. On one picture it shows has the red/white/gold with a little bit blue as well, that looks pretty good to me.

      1. The Katakana on the side says Sukarupu-D. My best guess is Scalp-D. Could Kobayashi be sponsored by a dandruff shampoo? :-)

        1. I think that is the case, as I remember that at the start of the season people were worrying about Sauber’s finances, and it was mentioned that the only sponsorship that Kobayashi brought was from a Japanese shampoo brand.

          1. Really?! That was just a wild guess on my part. I guess it makes sense. He has the nicest hair in the paddock. Although Britney Rosberg may disagree…

    5. Classic pictures with the wheel in the background :)

    6. I really like the picture of Kob watching the live TV feed from F1 management… I always wondered if the drivers were paying attention to the other drivers

    7. I’ve noticed you’ve added descriptions to the photos. Good work!

    8. Great photos again – much appreciated by many of us I’m sure.

    9. Very interesting photo of Vettel there showing how close to the ground his front wing appears to be again…

    10. Does anyone know what the Kanji on Button’s new helmet is?

    11. Great pics Keith!!…gotta say that Vettel’s helmet is a pretty fine peice of art.

    12. That Vettel’s RB frontal shot looks really 90s.

    13. miguelF1O (@)
      9th October 2010, 0:00

      I noticed that all cars look greyer or blackish dont know why ferrari rims were black on fp1 and all cars in general looked more carbon colored theres somothing about this cameras or just the weather every year japan pics look special

    14. How can the Red Bulls front wing still get so close to the ground? The test imposed on them cannot be accurate, they are easily finding a way around it.

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