Ferrari, Monza, 2018

Going to a grand prix

Attending any motor race should be a fun, safe and exciting experience for fans. RaceFans wants to help its readers get the very most out of their time at the track.

If you’re planning a trip to a Formula 1 race weekend or other motorsport, we have lots of information to help you maximise your experience.

Going to a Grand Prix checklist

Here’s a useful checklist to help you remember what to take to a race weekend:

How to take great pictures at F1 races

A two-part guide on how to get the most out of your camera at an F1 race weekend and master the tricky art of photographing high-speed racing cars:

Going to a grand prix forums

RaceFans has dedicated forums for every race on the F1 calendar where you can discuss your plans with other readers.

These forums are packed with information shared by people who’ve been to each of the F1 races. Whatever questions you have about the races you should be able to find answers here.

Please be aware you need to register a RaceFans account in order to post your own messages in the forums, though you do not need one to browse them.

F1 calendars

What time do the F1 sessions start? What support races can I see?

Get all the information on the current F1 schedule and add it to your mobile device for quick and easy reference:

Contact RaceFans

Is there any other information you need about attending a grand prix or planning a trip to one? Let us know through the contact form and we’ll do our best to help: