Formula 1 seasons statistics

Formula 1 statistics through the years.

Season statistics

2011 F1 statistics

Michael Schumacher-style dominance for Sebastian Vettel as he won the title again.

Earlier seasons

2010 F1 statistics
Sebastian Vettel only led the championship once in 2010 – but it was when it mattered most.

2009 F1 statistics

Debut race winners, one-off champions: 2009 was all about Brawn. Jenson Button grabbed the title.

2008 F1 statistics
Lewis Hamilton won the title at the second time of asking in a year which saw three first-time winners.

2007 F1 statistics
It was Lewis Hamilton’s incredible debut season but Kimi Raikkonen took the championship.

2006 F1 statistics
Now with V8 power Fernando Alonso edged Michael Schumacher for another title.

2005 F1 statistics
Fernando Alonso and Renault finally toppled Michael Schumacher and Ferrari.

2004 F1 statistics
A record-setting seventh championship for Michael Schumacher in a one-sided season.

2003 F1 statistics
Six wins and another title for Michael Schumacher but one-time winner Kimi Raikkonen ran him close.

2002 F1 statistics
Michael Schumacher made it three in a row with a 100% podium strike rate.

2001 F1 statistics
Ferrari tightened their grip on F1 as Michael Schumacher won the championship again.

2000 F1 statistics
Michael Schumacher became a three-times champion and began an astonishing run of success.

1999 F1 statistics
Another title for Mika Hakkinen but Ferrari claimed their first championship since 1983.

1998 F1 statistics
Narrow cars took over – and so did McLaren, Mika Hakkinen winning the title at the finale.

1997 F1 statistics
A controversial finale saw Jacques Villeneuve crowned champion – and Michael Schumacher disqualified.

1996 F1 statistics
The Michael Schumacher-Ferrari era began: Williams dominated and Damon Hill became champion.

1995 F1 statistics
Renault power swept all in 1995 with Ferrari only getting an occasional look-in. Schumacher won again.

1994 F1 statistics
Numbers mattered little in a tragic season. Michael Schumacher won the title.

1993 F1 statistics
Alain Prost took over at Williams and the team once again crushed the opposition.

1992 F1 statistics
A record-smashing season for Nigel Mansell as he and Williams dominated the year.

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