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2013 F3.5 Round 2: Motorland Aragón

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    In a wet qualifying session, Kevin Magnussen took pole position for race 1. Sirotkin will start second, with Da Costa third. Championship leader Vandoorne could only manage ninth.

    1. Magnussen 1:54.306
    2. Sirotkin 1:54.342
    3. Da Costa 1:54.526
    4. Zanella 1:54.547
    5. Sorensen 1:54.675
    6. Pic 1:55.007
    7. Nato 1:55.072
    8. Müller 1:55.086
    9. Vandoorne 1:55.157
    10. Webb 1:55.312

    Race 1 will start at 13:30 GMT and (I think) it will be broadcasted live on Eurosport.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Sirotkin’s the surprise package this year. He’s been right at the pointy end of the field in every session. It’s a shame he’s has so many troubles in the races.



    @prisoner-monkeys Sirotkin has been a real revelation. His karting career wasn’t too good, but he has done well in cars thus far, winning Formula Abarth in 2011 and finishing 3rd in Auto GP in 2012. Mind you, in Auto GP, he was beaten only by Adrian Quaife-Hobbs(who moved to AutoGP from GP3) and Pal Varhaug(who stepped down from GP2) so he was the least experienced of the three.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think Quaife-Hobbs and Varhaug were only really in AutoGP because they had nowhere else to go. But Sirotkin was there to get a handle on open-wheel racing cars, and I think going there was a very smart move because it let him get to grips with powerful, purpose-built racing cars in a series in a series that nobody really paid too much attention to, so there was no pressure to perform.


    Red Bull are already preparing da Costa to take one of their seats for next season ;)


    1. Kevin Magnussen
    2. Will Stevens
    3. Arthur Pic
    4. Sergey Sirotkin
    5. Norman Nato
    6. Nigel Melker
    7. Christopher Zanella
    8. Stoffel Vandoorne
    9. Marco Sorensen
    10. Mikhail Aleshin


    Impressive drive from Magnussen, finishing 20 seconds ahead of number two Stevens. Will Stevens has to report to the stewards for hitting Müller on the first lap – probably no time penalty, which would be a bit harsh after Stevens’ impressive race. Melker did very well, but he had tyre issues later on. No idea what happened to Vandoorne though.


    The F3.5 sessions today have been shortened following a minor technical issue:

    At the end of the first race, the Renault Sport Technologies engineers have detected a minor technical issue in a restricted number of Formula Renault 3.5 Series engines with a potential impact on their reliability.

    With the aim of ensuring sporting equity, the college of Sporting Stewards, under the advice of the technical management, has announced this morning to the participants that the timed qualifying session will be reduced to 15 minutes, and the time of the race will be reduced to 29 minutes + one lap, without the compulsory pit stop.

    The Organizing Committee apologizes for any of the inconveniences that this decision may cause to our partners and the spectators.

    Like yesterday, qualifying starts at 8:50 GMT, and the race at 13:30 GMT. Not sure how Eurosport plans to do it in other countries, but in Holland they’ve decided to show WTCC at the Slovakiaring instead.


    @andae23 I’d say it’s not “minor” if they’re cutting the amount of track action because of it. That’s pretty embarrassing for them, particularly as they’re in the second year with these cars.


    1. Norman Nato(DAMS)
    2. Carlos Huertas(Carlin)
    3. Sergey Sirotkin(ISR)
    4.Arthur Pic(AV)
    5. Stoffel Vandoorne(Fortec)
    6. Will Stevens(Strakka)
    7. Nico Mueller(Draco)
    8. Andre Negrao(Draco)
    9. Antonio Felix da Costa(Arden Careham)
    10. Matias Laine(Strakka)
    Session was marred by 4 red flags, took place in wet conditions. The session was stopped after the fourth red flag when Matheo Tuscher went off and Nigel Melker stopped on track.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d say it’s not “minor” if they’re cutting the amount of track action because of it. That’s pretty embarrassing for them, particularly as they’re in the second year with these cars.

    I’m guessing it might be some kind of flaw in the manufacturing process that has left the engines vulnerable to failures.


    Nato and Huertas… now there’s a surprise front row!

    Any idea where Magnussen will start?


    @andae23 He is in 25th, I think..


    Poor Magnussen, qualifying that far back in a shortened race…

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